St. Patrick’s Day Sensory Bin

The kids are going to love playing with this S. Patrick’s Day Sensory Bin! Sensory bins are perfect for sensory play and are a great way to celebrate various holidays and times of the year. Once you put together a sensory bin, the kids are sure to have a blast!

We love to make sensory bins, and the kids always get super excited when we do. The fun part is that while I’ll give you some directions below on how to make it, you can always add in anything and everything that you want. As long as you’re adding items that are age-appropriate and not a choking hazard for your children, have fun putting your own spin on sensory bins.

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St. Patrick's Day Sensory Bin

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St. Patrick’s Day Sensory Bin

Sensory bins are just the best. They’re the perfect combination of creative play and imagination and just leave the door open for the kids to play all day long. The best part about making a sensory bin is that it takes very minimal effort and brings the kids so much joy and happiness!

I love seeing the kids dig in and play with all the different textures and am amazing at how well it does in holding their attention. I tend to make a sensory bin for the various holidays and when the seasons change every year and the kids love it when I do!

Clean up with a sensory bin is also super simple because you literally just have to add a lid to it and put it back on the shelf! If you can get enough containers that you can store for random use, you’ll only have to make sensory bins once and let the kids use them over and over again.

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Recommended St. Patrick’s Day Books for Kids

Make sure that you pair this sensory activity with reading! Pairing holiday books with holiday themes is always a winning choice. I love that my kids pick up books and start to read without any prompting from me. I’ve noticed such a huge increase in their reading skills and their vocabulary skills just from reading!

I also think it’s super important to understand that kids don’t even have to know how to read to benefit from books. Even if they sit and look at the pictures, this is a perfect way for them to explore and turn the pages.

They can look at the colors, work on sight words, or you can cozy up to them and read to them or with them. When the kids were little, I used to sit by them, and we’d take turns reading various paragraphs and words and enjoy the story together.

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Tips for making a sensory bin

Truth be told, making a sensory bin is all about the theme! Since this sensory bin is all about Saint Patrick’s Day, you just need to be sure to fill it full of items that are themed that way! The more that you can add these types of items, the better.

We always have items in the house that I just add to the sensory bin fun. This one is great to add gold coins, plastic figurines, anything four-leaf clover, and rainbows!

You can even have the kids join in on the fun and send them on a mission to find items that they think would be a great match to add! Bringing them in and letting them be involved is a great way to get them excited!

sensory bin for St. Patrick's day

Supplies Needed For a St. Patrick’s Day Sensory Bin

Below are the items that I recommend having on hand to make this sensory bin. Even if you don’t have them all, pivot and add something similar in its place.

  • Plastic container
  • Four leaf clovers
  • Rainbows
  • Pipe cleaners in various rainbow colors
  • Gold coins
  • Pasta dyed green
  • Black cauldron for the pot of gold
  • Wooden scoop
  • Rainbow color gem or jewels
  • Rainbow colored popsicle sticks
supplies to make a sensory bin for St Patricks day

How to Make a Saint Patrick’s Day Sensory Bin

There really aren’t any rules to putting this fun sensory activity together, so have a blast! Just add in all the supplies and give them a little mix.

You then have options. Let the kids have fun and play or ask them to pick out certain objects from the sensory bin. And once they get done sorting it all, they can add it all back in and start all over again!

gold coins for St. Patrick's Day

While they’re digging around in the bin, they can use their imagination to make a story or create a fun story to tell to you. The kids love to make a rainbow out of the pipe cleaners and then put the gold around the base and act out the scene like they just found the gold at the base of the rainbow! Talk about some awesome creative fun!

St Patrick's day sensory bin with gold coins, green past and toys

If you can find chocolate coins that are covered in gold paper, you just might get the mom of the year award. They can play, eat, and play some more!

The kids will have a blast making this adorable sensory bin! It’s a simple way for them to work on sensory play while having so much fun!

More St. Patrick’s Day Activities

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