Simple Snowman Activities for Kindergarten

Snowman activities for kindergarten are a great way for children to learn, get creative, and to work on developing their fine motor skills. As they work on these activities, they will be thinking critically, using their hand muscles, and developing their creativity skills.

They also make the perfect activity for kids to do during the winter months when it is too cold to go outside or when the kids have a snow day.

When you can’t head outside to build a snowman, these snowman activities for kindergarten aged students will make the perfect activity for them to work on.

Simple Snowman Activities for Kindergarten

I love watching the kids bundle up and then heading outdoors with layers of clothes so that they can go and roll around in the snow or build their own snowman.

We even send our older kids outdoors and they’ll play for a bit building things in the snow but it usually ends with the kids throwing snowballs at each other and someone coming in upset or just plain cold.

I’m very happy watching from my window with a cup of tea and in hand so that I can stay warm.

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Recommended Snowman Books for Kids

Dive deeper into any of these engaging snowman characters in a fun wintery book that you can enjoy while snuggled up on the couch with a warm blanket.

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Simple Snowman Sensory Bin

An easy to put together activity for your kindergartener, this snowman sensory bin is both fun and educational.

Simple Snowman Sensory Bin

Snowman Activities for Kindergarten

When it's horribly cold outside you can still enjoy snowmen but stay warm indoors.

I hope you were able to find a fun snowman activity to do with your kindergartner. You can’t go wrong with any of these snowy activities.

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