Rainbow Activity Sheets

Rainbows seem to just appear and make any normal day feel like a colorful adventure. They always manage to catch the attention of both kids and adults. That’s why I’m really happy to share with you my Rainbow Activity Sheets!

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Designed with young curious minds in heart, these sheets are a treasure trove of activities that blend learning with heaps of fun. Let’s get started on this colorful adventure together!

Two Rainbow Activity Sheets on a table

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How Are Rainbows Formed

Imagine being able to toss some paint up into the sky and watching it turn into a beautiful rainbow. That’s kind of what happens when rainbows appear, but instead of paint, nature uses sunlight and raindrops!

Picture the sun as a giant, glowing flashlight lighting up the sky. Now, think of raindrops as tiny, shiny beads floating in the air. When the sun shines its light on these beads during or after it rains, something really awesome takes place.

Even though sunlight looks white, it’s actually packed with all the colors you’d find in a big box of crayons. When this sunlight hits a raindrop, it bends and twists around inside, kind of like playing a game of pinball. This bending is what we call “refraction.”

As the light bends, it breaks up into its colorful parts – red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. Each color bends at its own angle because they all ‘play’ a bit differently.

Red likes to stand out and bends the least, so it ends up on top. Violet is more of a team player and bends a lot, landing it at the bottom.

Once the colors split up inside the raindrop, they bounce off the inside, shoot out, and head back into the sky. This bouncing back is what we call “reflection.”

If you’re in just the right spot with the sun behind you, you’ll see these colors stretch out in a gorgeous arc across the sky.

And voilà, that’s how a rainbow is made!

Recommended Rainbow Books for Kids

KIDS LOVE COLORS! That is why grabbing these rainbow books for them is a great idea. With these books, they will learn how rainbows are formed and why everyone loves seeing them!

Rain Before RainbowsRain Before RainbowsHow the Crayons Saved the RainbowHow the Crayons Saved the RainbowThe Rainbow BeeThe Rainbow Beeall about RAINBOW: Encyclopedia Book for kids age 5 and upall about RAINBOW: Encyclopedia Book for kids age 5 and upRainbow: Ready-to-Read Level 1 (Weather Ready-to-Reads)Rainbow: Ready-to-Read Level 1 (Weather Ready-to-Reads)Did You Know? The Rainbow EditionDid You Know? The Rainbow Edition


A Rainbow Activity Sheet on a table.

Rainbow Activity Sheets Supplies

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Your kids will love the vibrant colors of these beautiful rainbows! With these crafts, they will develop their fine motor skills while having fun.

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A Rainbow Activity Sheet on a table.

What’s Included in the Rainbow Activity Sheets

Let’s make discovering rainbows super exciting for kids! These worksheets are filled with colorful activities that can turn any regular day into one filled with rainbows.

Take a look at what we’ve got inside these pages of wonders for your little ones.

Color of the Rainbow

First off, we’re starting with a fun color challenge. Each part of the rainbow has a number and a clue – just the first letter of its color. The task? Figure out each color, label them right, and then color in the rainbow.

Rainbow Vocabulary

Then, we have a puzzle with letters all mixed up under some really cute pictures. Here, kids need to think hard and solve the puzzle to find words that are all about rainbows. And because I think learning is always better with a bit of color, they get to color in the pictures afterward!

A Rainbow Activity Sheet on a table.

The Rainbow Poem

Here, kids get to complete sentences in a poem about rainbows, with a little help from an example. “A rainbow is as red as an apple,” sets the stage for them to think creatively and come up with their own comparisons for other colors.

Rainbow Graph

Armed with a graph and a mission to find single-colored items around them, kids embark on a color hunt. After their expedition, they’ll use the graph to record their findings by coloring the boxes corresponding to each item’s color. Analyzing which color has the most or least items adds a sprinkle of math to the mix.

Rainbow Day

What would kids like to find at the end of the rainbow? They get to draw and write about their heart’s desire, whether it’s a pot of gold, a unicorn, or maybe a library of endless books.

Two Rainbow Activity Sheets on a table.

These rainbow worksheets are so much more than just sheets of paper with things to do; they’re kids’ tickets to learning, dreaming, and having a great time.

So, get your crayons and pencils ready, and let’s bring on that excitement – it’s time to create some rainbow magic!

More Rainbow Activities

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