Preschool Human Body Activities

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How does food get digested in your tummy? How do your bones move? Why do you need to blink? I’m sure every mother has heard various biology related questions regarding to their bodies, these preschool human body activities¬†are meant to get your child thinking while having a little fun.

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Need to get your child excited about the human body? Try one of these Preschool human body activities that are guaranteed to get your child interested in biology.

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Why is preschool science important?

It’s the perfect time to introduce science to kids, they are naturally curious. They love being outdoors and want to know more about the world around them.

It’s so easy to add science to your everyday routine as you’re taking nature walks, going to the grocery store or baking in the kitchen.

Preschoolers love learning about their own bodies and you can start by teaching them parts of the body.

Human Body Preschool Activities

Preschool Human Body Printables

Learn about the major organs in your body and figure out where they belong.

Paper Bag Lungs

Use paper bags to show how lungs work, breathe in and out to mimic lungs so kids can see how they correlate to their own breath.

Paper bag lungs

Digestive System Craft

Show how food travels from the mouth down the digestive tract all the way to the end in a fun hands-on craft kids will love.

Digestive system craft for kids

Q-tip Skeleton Craft

Show the bones that are present in the human body with this simple Q-tip skeleton any child can create.

Felt Human Organs

Don’t want to make your own? Grab these cool felt human organs.

Q-Tip X-Ray Craft for Preschoolers – From ABCs to ACTs

Study the letter “X” while learning about the human body, with these X-ray craft for preschoolers.

Human Body: Heart, Blood, and Circulatory System – A Moment in Our World

Make these edible heart models with graham crackers and marshmallows, to teach the heart, blood, and circulatory system.

Free Human Body Worksheet for Kids – The Measured Mom

Combine math with biology with these simple counting worksheets.

If you have little learners, you’ll love my Human Body Activities for Early Learners, for more hands-on activities as you get to know how the body works.

Human Body Activities for Early Learners

Recommended Human Body Books for Kids

First Body Book-Set off on a Head-to-Toe Adventure through the Human Body-Includes over 20 Anatomical Diagrams and a Colorful Body Systems Wall PosterFirst Body Book-Set off on a Head-to-Toe Adventure through the Human Body-Includes over 20 Anatomical Diagrams and a Colorful Body Systems Wall PosterMe and My Amazing BodyMe and My Amazing BodyLittle Explorers: My Amazing BodyLittle Explorers: My Amazing BodyInside Your Outside: All About the Human Body (Cat in the Hat's Learning Library)Inside Your Outside: All About the Human Body (Cat in the Hat’s Learning Library)My First Human Body BookMy First Human Body BookHello, World! My BodyHello, World! My Body


FREE Human Body Organs Notebooking Pages – Homeschool Encouragement

Combine literature and writing with these human body organ notebooking pages. This free 46-page pack is full of handwriting sheets, organ vocabulary, and coloring pages!

What is Blood Made Of? – I Can Teach My Child

What is blood made of? Grab a sensory tub and red water beads for this squishy hands-on activity. Learn about red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets.

Free Skeleton Printables and Montessori-Inspired Skeleton Activities – Living Montessori Now

Learn about bones and our skeletons with these free printables and activities. This pack includes free pretend X-rays for kids, and a life size skeleton puzzle!

Montessori Human Anatomy Activities + Free Printables – Natural Beach Living

Explore the human anatomy with these activities and printables. This works really well with a mini-organ set, and you can match each one with its picture card.

Human Body Lapbook – One Little, Two Little

What happens to germs when they go inside my body? How do you keep your heart healthy? Explore these questions and more with these comprehensive lapbook!

The Skeletal System Free Printable – KB Teachers

Learn about the human skeleton with this free fill-in-the-blank printable. It includes the “answer” sheet, plus the worksheet. Preschoolers will need help

Preschool Human Body Worksheets – Printable Worksheets

Perfect for a unit study, these comprehensive lesson guide worksheets are put into 8 units; ranging from basic body parts, to joints, and organs. Although a bit more complex than typical preschool worksheets, you can easily alter this to fit your homeschool needs for a variety of ages.

Bones and Joints – Our Time to Learn

Learn about bones and joints with these 3D construction crafts. Learn about the heart, lungs, build the organ cage, and create a pipe cleaner skeleton!

How Do Bodies Move? – Bambini Travel

Explore how are bodies work with this mini unit-study. Recommended books, movies, and activities are included for your preschooler!

Preschool Science Brain Activity – Pink Stripey Socks

Learn about the brain with these 5 activities for preschoolers. Perform “brain surgery” and explore a few fun “brain” twists to traditional party games!

Components of Blood Activity – My Joy-filled Life

Discover all of the different parts that are in blood and what makes it red, it’s a fun sensory bottle activity too.

Tips for teaching children about their body by Scholastic

See what songs and games you can use to teach your child about their body.

Recommended Human Body Kits

Melissa & Doug Magnetic Human Body Play SetMelissa & Doug Magnetic Human Body Play SetSmartLab Toys Squishy Human BodySmartLab Toys Squishy Human BodyLearning Resources Human Body ModelLearning Resources Human Body Model

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More Human Body Activities

Human Body Books for Kids

Human Body Puzzles

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