Prehistoric Animals Printables and Sensory Play

Dinosaur lovers will love this prehistoric animals sensory play activity. It’s one of my son’s favorite science topics and I have to say our dinosaurs get a ton of play time with my kids. If you have a budding paleontologist, you can have tons of fun with a sensory bin filled with prehistoric animals and dinosaurs.

These prehistoric animals existed millions of years ago and they’re brought to you by Safari Ltd., these animals are the latest toys in their prehistoric line.

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Enjoy these prehistoric animals printables and then add a wonderful prehistoric animals sensory play activity to bring the animals alive.

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Prehistoric Animals Printable Supplies

I like to lay down a giant towel or table cloth under our sensory tray for the kids to play on because the rice will go everywhere. The kids do love it though so I don’t mind cleaning up the huge mess, they’re really good helpers.

My son was really impressed with how large amargasaurus was, he doesn’t really fit onto our tray because his tail is so long.

I created these fun prehistoric animals preschool printables to go along with our toys.

Prehistoric Animals Preschool Printables

  • 3-part cards
  • writing worksheet
  • tracing worksheet
  • patterns
  • letter dot activity

You’ll need scissors, a pencil, and dot markers to use with these printables.

Get the Prehistoric Animals Printable Here >>>

To extend this activity, read more books about the prehistoric era, visit your local museum to see what exhibits they have on prehistoric animals and dinosaurs. It’s one of our favorite places to visit. Complete a dinosaur dig and discuss how paleontologists come up with their appearance from fossils.

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