Safari Ltd Ocean Animals Preschool Printables

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Sharks, killer whales, giant octopuses, who wouldn’t love the ocean? These ocean animal preschool printables are a great start to learning more about ocean animals. And for more learning fun, check out these Ocean Worksheets you don’t want to miss!

My kids loved studying the oceans this year and we’ll continue on into the next year with it. The best part is learning about the sharks, especially for my son. He can name all of the sharks and tell you a good deal about each of them.

He’s spent hours watching documentaries and I’m glad he’s found another topic to explore other than dinosaurs. If you’re hitting the beach or just have a sea lover, these ocean animals preschool printables will be a lot of fun for your little preschooler.

Try these fun ocean activities for kids to extend their learning.

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Ocean Animals Preschool Printables

  • 3-part cards for identification
  • Writing pages
  • Dot letter coloring pages
  • Patterning
  • Tracing and cutting pages

>> Have you see these HUGE list of preschool printables?

Ocean lovers will go crazy for this Safari Ltd Ocean Animals Preschool Printables to learn more about their favorite sea creatures.

To extend this activity, get your own Safari Ltd sea animals and have fun with them. I created a simple ocean sensory bin with these wonderful ocean animals, a large plastic bin, water and blue food coloring. We added in rocks and measuring cups.

A lot of the toys only feature the main characters of the ocean like the great white shark and dolphins. My son was glad to see that they had toys that highlighted the rarer creatures like the basking shark and narwhal with it’s cool horn. You can even see the features of each of the animals and how detailed they are in the coloring and patterning.

These figures are great for playing in the water because they don’t have any holes in there where water can seep in and build up with bacterial growth. Once they’re dry, they’re good to play with again.

Download the ocean animals preschool printables below

Free Ocean Animals Preschool Printables

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