Pipe Cleaner Snowflake Ornament for Kids

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I love this time of year as we look forward to the Christmas break, I have a house full of sick kiddies, but we still have time to share a good book and a simple craft.

We spend a lot more time in December on crafts and activities while reading holiday books. We do get in math and such but we always end in a great book with an associated activity like notebooking or in this case, my son made his own ornament.

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Kids can make their own ornaments with this easy pipe cleaner snowflake ornament

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We make ornaments every year and the kids enjoy seeing their past creations up on the tree. This year I”m joining up with other bloggers to bring you an ornament based on a book. This is a wonderful way to extend books with activities and crafts.

Have you read The Big Snow with your child? It’s a wonderful book about the habits of different animals in the winter. You get to see what wood rats, white tail deer, squirrels, mice and raccoons do in the winter, do the hibernate or migrate, what habits change to adapt to the winter season. I have a house full of animal lovers so this book selection was enjoyed by all.

The author then describes the snowflakes falling and you see different illustrations of snowflakes which gave us inspiration for our kids made ornaments, we had to make a snowflake.

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 Pipe cleaner snowflake ornament supplies

See, didn’t I say this was simple, look at the supplies list, you only need three things. I cut 2 pipe cleaners in half so that I had 4 pieces. I also cut up another pipe cleaner to make 8 short pieces. You take two of the longer pipe cleaners and wrapped one around the other and pulled them out so it made an X. I did the same thing by adding the 3rd piece and wrapped it around the center of my X and pulled the ends out straight and did the same with the last piece. This leaves you with a snowflake with 8 points, I wrapped the smaller piece of pipe cleaner around each end to give it its snowflake appearance.

Pipe Cleaner Snowflake Ornaments for Kids

My son made his snowflake on his own, he wasn’t happy that the snowflake wasn’t perfectly symmetrical at times and redid some of them. Now head on over to Mama Miss to see the other kid made ornaments bloggers are sharing as well. This is a wonderful series and there are  some creative ladies in this bunch.

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Kid Made Christmas Ornaments Based on a Book

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  1. What a great fine motor activity. I think I will have the kids make a bunch of these to hang on a tree outside.

    1. Yes, they were very easy for the kids to make.

    1. Yes, we’re big on simple.

  2. ooooh we have lots of sparkly pipe cleaners left from bonfire night this looks like a great way to use them again #MadeForKids

  3. Thank you for the book recommendation and fun craft! We appreciate you sharing with us each week at Mommy Monday Blog Hop!
    Wishing you the merriest holidays!!

  4. So simple and beautiful! Thank you for stopping by the Learn & Play Link Up. This post will be featured on Christian Montessori Network this week!

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