Phases of the Moon Activities

Indulge in the wonders of astrology by exploring different phases of the moon! With this list of phases of the moon activities, your kids can learn more about space while also having fun. They can track lunar cycles, plan moon-gazing sessions, organize field trips to planetariums or observatories… and so much more!

If your kids love these moon ideas, make sure to take a look at this list of fun space activities for kids!

Not only will these activities be entertaining and engaging, but they can also help your kids develop their spatial reasoning skills as well as learn factual information about topics such as solar systems, planets, stars, and constellations.

Plus, it allows them to explore their creativity with unique projects like making moons out of clay or even eating Oreos and designing them into moon phases!

Phases of the Moon Activities

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What are the phases of the Moon?

As parents and homeschool teachers, it can be so much fun to involve kids in the educational journey of exploring our beautiful night sky. One of the first things to learn about is the many phases of the Moon.

Throughout its orbit around the Earth, the phase of the Moon changes from waxing crescent to a full moon, waning gibbous, 3rd quarter, and waning crescent – teaching us all about how the Earth and Moon interact together!

Encourage your kids to observe these changes throughout their days, pointing out when they see a different phase on their journey – they’ll be sure to amaze you with their newfound knowledge!

Phases of the Moon Activities

Recommended Moon Books

The best way to learn about a certain topic is through reading books. Grab one or two of these books to add to your kids’ library and read with them!

The Moon: Discover the Mysteries of Earth's Closest NeighborThe Moon: Discover the Mysteries of Earth’s Closest NeighborI Am the Moon: A Book About the Moon for KidsI Am the Moon: A Book About the Moon for KidsA Moon of My Own: A World Travel Book for KidsA Moon of My Own: A World Travel Book for KidsThe Moon BookThe Moon BookMoon! Earth's Best FriendMoon! Earth’s Best FriendThe Moon Seems to ChangeThe Moon Seems to Change


Recommended Space Activity Kits

Learning about the vast space is truly overwhelming and sometimes we need a little help teaching them to kids. With these activity kits, your lessons will definitely be ten times more fun and exciting!

Little Learners Print and Go Activity Kit: Space

Science is exciting with the space-themed activities pack. Learn all about space with your preschooler, kindergartener, or first grader. With fun facts, space-themed tracing, and easy-to-use lapbook pieces, your child will fly to the moon on a fantastic learning journey.

Build and Learn Solar Robot

Have your kids learn the basics of engineering space robots with this activity kit! Although it may look complex, the building process is simple and with clear instructions wherein your kid can create it on their own.

Phases of the Moon Activities

The Moon is an interesting space object. So, why not teach your kids about it? Teaching your kids the phases of the moon is a great introduction because as the phases change, it can cause confusion! Try one or two of these activities to entertain and teach your kids about the phases of the moon!

Exploring the phases of the moon with your children can be a great way to engage them in learning about science and space. It is an activity that not only helps children understand what happens during a lunar cycle but also gives them an opportunity to get creative in exploring the night sky.

Plus, because these activities are easily accessible, it’s something that you can do from anywhere without having to invest much money or time. In doing so, you’ll both be able to have some quality time together while teaching your kids something valuable.

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