Outer Space Preschool Books

The kids are going to love these Outer Space Preschool Books. All of these books are all about outer space adventures and fun!

Books are just the best. Being able to immerse yourself in the pages of a book is what makes them truly magical. I love sitting and watching the kids read all the pages. I can literally see their minds working as they gobble up the words on the page.

The best part about these outer space books is that they’re age-appropriate and so much fun. I even find myself sitting right next to them so I can find out what happens next!

Be certain to check out our Space Activities for Kids as a great addition to these outer space books!

Outer Space Books for Kids: 4 panels of book covers.

Make certain that you let your kids work through all of these books. They’re not only so much fun to read but they have great messages as well.

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Recommended Outer Space Toys

If you’re looking for fun and educational space-themed toys for your kids, go get one of these hand-picked toys for your kids to enjoy, and maybe you’ll enjoy helping your kids out with these toys too!

Melissa & Doug Solar System Floor PuzzleMelissa & Doug Solar System Floor PuzzleEducational Insights Design & Drill Bolt Buddies Rocket Take Apart ToyEducational Insights Design & Drill Bolt Buddies Rocket Take Apart ToyNASA Apollo Space Shuttle Model Building kit 3-D Puzzle Solar SystemNASA Apollo Space Shuttle Model Building kit 3-D Puzzle Solar SystemBrainstorm Toys: Space Torch and ProjectorBrainstorm Toys: Space Torch and ProjectorCreativity for Kids Crystal Space Terrarium KitCreativity for Kids Crystal Space Terrarium KitLaunch Tower Mk I for NASA Apollo Saturn V 21309/92176Launch Tower Mk I for NASA Apollo Saturn V 21309/92176


The Importance of Reading with your Kids

Before diving into these preschool space books, let’s talk about why I’m so passionate about reading with kids.

I believe that reading is a HUGE foundation that is a launching pad for so many other types of learning. Not only does reading help with your child’s vocabulary but it helps with their communication skills, too.

When the kids have spent time reading books, I notice that they’re much more open to having conversations and talking about their day.

I love to talk to them about the books that they read as well. If you’re looking for a way to have more topics to talk about with your kids, books are always a great place to start!

This is true even if your child isn’t old enough to read quite yet. Even having them sit and look at the pictures in a book and talk about what they say is just the boost that they need.

This will give them topics and ideas to talk about in a way that creates their own stories as well. And don’t forget to read the books to them during this time so that they can use their imagination for the story, too.

Outer Space Books for Preschool: 4 panels of book covers.

Recommended Outer Space Activity Kits

I love helping my kids out with STEM activities, and since we’re talking about outer space here, I’ve picked some great hands-on activity kits for this topic. These items might even encourage your little geniuses to become an astronaut or an astrologist! Help them reach for the stars with these activity kits.

Little Learners Print and Go Activity Kit: Space

This printable is perfect for your kids who love learning about space. With fun facts, space-themed tracing, and easy-to-use lapbook pieces, your child will fly to the moon on a fantastic learning journey.

Outer Space Activity Kit

What’s the best way to keep your kid who loves STEM busy? With this activity kit, there are many activities to choose from. Just make sure your kid does these activities one at a time!

Space Sensory Kit

Your kids need a break sometimes from all the sensory overloaded activities. This space sensory kit can calm your kid’s senses and help them regain some of that energy for learning and reading again!

Outer Space Books for Preschool

This list of books covers a wide variety of topics and stories about space that the kids are going to love! They're the perfect setting for a week-long learning of space. They're going to love this topic!

If you are looking for more space books for your preschooler, these Solar System Books for Preschool will be perfect!

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