Ocean Lacing Cards

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Where are my ocean lovers? If you love lacing cards, you’re going to be super impressed with these ocean lacing cards! And for more learning fun, check out these Ocean Worksheets you don’t want to miss!

These adorable ocean printable lacing cards can accompany your ocean-themed studies. My son loves his ocean animals but is beyond this stage…but of course, anything that her big brother loves, my daughter has to play with as well. Your child will have a ton of fun with these ocean printables!

We have a large bin of plastic ocean animals that my son received last Christmas. It had all kinds of different animals on the outside of the box and it even had an orca. However, upon opening the box, my son realized that it was not included in the set, he was very disappointed.

The killer whale is his favorite mammal, I’ve spent countless hours reading non-fiction ocean animal books with him. And I’ve created tons of fun ocean activities for kids too. 

So to keep that love for the ocean alive for your little ones, these under the sea lacing cards can help with fine motor coordination while remaining a fun activity.

ocean themed lacing cards

Not only are these under the sea ocean printables fun but they’re also great for working on hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills as well. Plus, once they get done lacing the cards they can undo them and start all over again!

We like to keep these in the car or in my bag when we are traveling because they are such an easy way to keep them entertained. Once they see how much fun they can be, they’ll be wanting to do them more and more often for sure!

If you like this activity, you better check out this list of fun Ocean Activities for Preschoolers!

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Ocean Lacing Cards Supplies

You’ll find that a lot of my crafts and printables tend to use the same supplies. I like it this way and it keeps it simple and easy for all of us.

Don’t forget that if you can laminate things, do so. This is a great way to not have to reprint something or to keep it from getting stains and getting ruined. The less things that I have to worry about cleaning up or dealing with, the better. This is why I tend to laminate pretty much anything and everything that I can.

Remember to laminate them once you print them! That way, they won’t bend or tear and you can use them over and over again without any issues. Once they are laminated, keep them in the car or your bag for downtime activity. They are perfect for waiting rooms and traveling in the car.

AmazonBasics Thermal Laminator MachineAmazonBasics Thermal Laminator MachineScotch Thermal Laminator Combo Pack, Includes 20 Letter-Size Laminating Pouches, Holds Sheets up to 8.5Scotch Thermal Laminator Combo Pack, Includes 20 Letter-Size Laminating Pouches, Holds Sheets up to 8.5Scotch Thermal Laminating Pouches, 8.9 x 11.4 -Inches, 3 mil thick, 100-Pack (TP3854-100)Scotch Thermal Laminating Pouches, 8.9 x 11.4 -Inches, 3 mil thick, 100-Pack (TP3854-100)

Recommended Ocean Books for Kids

Grab your favorite ocean books to explore the creatures that live under the sea. From whales to sharks, starfish, dolphins, and more. Ocean books are a great way to keep the kids interested in learning about the ocean.

Keep in mind that not all books are the same. Who knew that there could be so many great kids’ books out there all about the ocean? This is why I like to have a ton of various resources for the kids to read. They can easily open up their books, sit down on the floor, and start to read the words on the pages. They’ll be able to have fun,

My kids loved learning about ocean animals. Not only did it introduce them to a lot of new types of ocean animals but it gave them a lot of questions to look up and learn more about as well.

These ocean books helped us to dive deeper into our ocean learning and read the hours away. I was even pulled into a few of the books myself and that isn’t always the case when it comes to children’s books!

Ocean: A Visual EncyclopediaOcean: A Visual EncyclopediaThe Big Book of the BlueThe Big Book of the BlueOver in the Ocean: In a Coral ReefOver in the Ocean: In a Coral ReefHello, World! Ocean LifeHello, World! Ocean LifeDeep in the OceanDeep in the OceanShark Lady: The True Story of How Eugenie Clark Became the Ocean's Most Fearless ScientistShark Lady: The True Story of How Eugenie Clark Became the Ocean’s Most Fearless Scientist

If you have a kindergartener, you can check my Ocean Books for Kindergarten blog post to get more ideas on what books are perfect for them.

Don’t forget to get your ocean printable!

More Lacing Cards

Lacing cards are great for fine motor skills and are the perfect way to have little hands work on getting stronger. You’ll find that the more lacing skills that they can do, the stronger their hands are going to get.

And why stop here? There are a few more lacing cards that you can easily do as well.

There are so many fun learning resources that you can print and do right from the comfort of your own home! Introduce these fun under the sea lacing cards to your little ones today. They’ll be learning and having so much fun!

I like to use these as a great way to keep the kids active and to work out their fine motor skills. I also tend to use ocean activities a lot during the summer months as a great way to get the kids excited about all things in the ocean. If you’re planning a fun family vacation to the beach or just have kids that are curious about the ocean, having an activity like this is the perfect way to keep that excitement brewing.

Who knows – if you have a drive to get to the ocean, these printables would be perfect for taking along on the trip! You can’t go wrong with keeping them active with learning activities!

More ocean printables

If you’re looking for even more fun ocean learning activities, don’t miss out on these ocean activities. They’re a great way to continue with the ocean learning theme.

Ocean counting cards and puzzles

Ocean Counting Mats

Free Ocean Pack by 3 Dinosaurs

Ocean Animal Cut Outs by Homeschool Preschool


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