Fun 5 Senses Worksheets for Kids

Don’t miss out on these 5 senses worksheets! The kids are going to love being able to do these worksheets and have fun while learning.

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that I’m all about the printables. I love being able to print off a learning activity and have the kids just be able to dive right in.

This doesn’t mean that I don’t love doing them with them but it does mean that I appreciate the times that they’re able to be independent in getting them done. This is why I love these five senses worksheets for kids.

Every page has an activity on it that they can completely do on their own which helps with their confidence and independent thinking skills, too.

Make certain to check out our 5 Senses Activities for Kids as well! Great activities that would go perfectly with this printable.

5 Senses Worksheets

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5 Senses Worksheets

I love talking to the kids about our senses. They seem to really get the grasp about our eyes and ears but it’s always a fun topic to talk about the other senses with them.

I would say that once they realize that they have five different senses, I can literally see the wheels turning in their minds about how they use their senses.

To me, this is the fun part! It’s moments like this that I’m so glad that I’m able to teach the kids. I can literally see them learning right in front of my eyes and that is such an incredible feeling to have.

What are the 5 senses?

Just in case you need a refresher as well, the five senses are touch, taste, sound, sight, and smell.

What is the weakest of the 5 senses?

Even though I think that they’re all superpowers, there is one that is weaker than the others. It turns out that taste is the weakest out of all the five!

Why are our senses important?

This is always a fun conversation with the kids. I ask them why they think that their senses are important and it’s so interesting to hear their answers.

To me, senses are important because they literally make up or are a part of everything that we do on a daily basis. Can you imagine not being able to see or taste things? Or maybe not even feel?

Your life would be totally different without the use of your senses and there are actually many people out there that lack the ability to use their senses to go about their day.

five senses worksheets

How to talk to your kids about the 5 senses

I’ve found that the easiest way to have discussions with the kids about their senses is to sit down and talk about what the five senses are in their bodies.

Talk to them about their tastebuds and what their favorite things are to eat. This can help them realize how important taste truly is.

Ask them what their favorite sounds are and what they look forward to hearing on a daily basis. This can help them understand just how prevalent sound is in their daily lives.

Have them tell you the favorite animal of the house that they like to pet. This is a fun way to help them associate the sensation of touch.

Let them pick out their favorite movie to watch. Talk to them about how their sight is helping them be able to watch.

Quiz them on their favorite smell and then go over the points in how big a role the nose plays in senses.

Breaking it down into their lives and real-world examples is a great way to get them to understand the lesson about senses fast.

Recommended Five Senses Books for Kids

The brain has an important job in our body and controls what our body experiences from sight, sound, smell, taste and touch and relays it back to our brain to help keep us safe.

Use any of these books to help show your kids how amazing our body is.

Five Senses (Early Childhood Themes)Five Senses (Early Childhood Themes)Look, Listen, Taste, Touch, and Smell: Learning About Your Five Senses (The Amazing Body)Look, Listen, Taste, Touch, and Smell: Learning About Your Five Senses (The Amazing Body)Billy Senses The WorldBilly Senses The WorldMy Five Senses (Let's-Read-and-Find-Out Science 1)My Five Senses (Let’s-Read-and-Find-Out Science 1)The Five SensesThe Five SensesThe Magic School Bus Explores the SensesThe Magic School Bus Explores the Senses


5 senses worksheets for kids

What’s included in this 5 senses printable?

So many fun things. They’ll have the chance to do the following activities with this fun printable:

  • Scavenger hunt
  • coloring page
  • match the picture
  • mazes
  • word search

These activities will hold their attention and have them love that they’re able to be independent and complete this printable on their own. Not having to stop and ask questions or ask for help is a liberating feeling for kids! These printables can help them gain that confidence to continue with their growth.

Fun ways to use these 5 senses worksheets

While the printable is great for learning, don’t forget to think outside the box and have the kids do some fun sense activities as well.

One of our favorite ways to test our taste buds is to have a blind taste test! That way, we’re relying solely on our taste buds to know the flavor. It’s so much fun as long as you don’t try and add in anything gross.

Keep it fun and simple and the kids will have a blast and learn just how much they rely on their senses to all work together to know what’s going on.

You can also blindfold the kids and have them try and move around the house without bumping into anything. This is a wake-up call to them about how much they use their sight and might not even realize it.

Get your 5 senses worksheets below

All you need to do to get your printable is click on the link below!

As you can see, this fun printable is great for learning fun but also an excellent way to have the kids gear up and learn more about their senses as well.

The more that you can use real work examples to help them understand how much they use their senses, the better.

With just a few of these fun activities and learning lessons, your child will understand that their senses play a huge role in their everyday lives. They’ll be able to rely more on their senses and find out that all five really do work together to do the best job possible for your body.

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