Easy Slime Recipes

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Kids love slime. All you need are some easy slime recipes and a little bit of time. It’s a messy, sticky, fun activity that can be used in so many ways. And making slime with your kids has so many benefits.

From the opportunity to connect with your kids, to the sensory experience your kids (and you!) get from playing with it, making slime is one of those things that lasts the test of time.

So dive into the science of slime making, or just get messy with the kids, and let’s make some slime. I’ve gathered all my favorite easy slime recipes below so you can make a ton of different kinds.

Kids love slime. All you need are some easy slime recipes and a little bit of time. It's a messy, sticky, fun activity that can be used in so many ways.

If your kids love colors, then you’ll love this Rainbow Slime Recipe. The colors are bright, and your kids will be enthralled by how the colors interact. It even stays in rainbow form, for the most part.

Slime is a stress-relieving sensory tool, and this Aromatherapy Lavender Slime Recipe capitalizes on that. Adding lavender to slime just makes it so much more relaxing.

Lavender slime recipe

And this Space Slime Recipe is a glittery, sparkly, dark version, just waiting for a child’s space explorations. Or try this Glitter Slime Recipe for a different kind of sparkly fun.

What about adding some fireworks to your slime fun? Well not exactly, but the effect is the same in this Celebration Slime Recipe. You can make it look exactly like your kids are holding fireworks in their hands.

Celebration Slime Recipe

Or turn some candy treats into slime with this Purple Peeps Slime Recipe. It’s easy!

Get festive with this gorgeous Christmas Slime Recipe. The perfect holiday gift for any friend.

Christmas Slime Recipe

Celebrate love with this cute Valentine’s day slime recipe that you can easily gift to a friend or loved one.

Valentine's Day Slime Recipe

Studying the solar system or constellations? Try this magical star slime recipe to create a slime that is out of this world.

magical star slime recipe

If you have some sand, you can try this simple sand slime recipe. The perfect activity for the summer.

Simple Sand Slime Recipe

Do you have an ocean lover? Make this fluffy blue slime and add ocean creatures to it for a fun ocean or beach theme.

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More Easy Slime Recipes

Want more recipes? My friends from around the web have shared some of their best recipes too.

Get puffy with this Fluffy Slime Recipe from The Best Ideas for Kids. It’s like playing with clouds, if clouds were tangible.

And this Monster Slime Recipe from Little Bins for Little Hands is just a little more oozy and gooey, perfect for kids who love a little more grossness.

Or try this Gingerbread Slime Recipe from Natural Beach Living. It’s a sensory experience unlike any other. You’ll love it over the holidays! Just don’t eat it, no matter how good it smells.

Slime is so fun. No matter what kind of slime you make, your kids will definitely enjoy playing with it. And it’s just as much fun to make it with them. So pick your recipe and get squeezing!

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