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Peeps Play Dough Recipe

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If your kids love Peeps and love play dough they will love this Peeps play dough recipe. Similar to our Peeps slime this play dough is made with sweet Peeps treats and is 100% safe for the youngest kids in your crew because it is 100% edible.

But if you’d rather avoid the sugar highs, turn your Peeps into play dough and have fun with them instead. While my kids would prefer to eat them all up, I like to put them to good use and turn them into a fun learning activity.

You can use play dough to write in and roll up your favorite letters or spell out your favorite words. The great part about using Peeps for this activity is that it gives you a reason to use up some of your Easter candy without the kids actually having to eat it all…but if they do want a taste, it’s totally fine, too!

peeps play dough recipe

Since we’ve told them all their lives to not play with their food…this is a one-time exception to do just the opposite of that.

Peeps Play Dough Recipe

Playing with play dough is always a good idea because it does have a lot of great benefits. Not only do the kids love the way that it feels but it helps them to be creative and work on their fine motor skills, too.

Plus, so many times I make play dough at home only to have it played with for a short amount of time and then forgotten…but when you make it and add in some candy like peeps, they tend to play with it longer than before.

Maybe it’s because it smells so good…or maybe it’s because they can take a bite off and have a snack without me knowing. But either way, it’s extending the time for them to play, getting them away and off screens and just overall having them use their imagination more than before.

Peeps Play Dough Ingredients

All you need are three simple ingredients to get started making your very own Peeps Play dough.

  • 4 2.5 oz packages of Peeps
  • 4 tablespoons cooking oil
  • ¾ cup cornstarch

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Peeps play dough directions

The directions are even super simple, too. This recipe for making homemade playdough is one that literally takes just minutes of time.

Let’s get ready to make our play dough. The kids are going to be so excited!

Place Peeps in a large microwave-safe bowl.

Peeps treats playdough

Microwave for 30 seconds allowing Peeps to fluff up. Then add in the oil and cornstarch.

We don’t want the Peeps to stick to our fingers do we?

Peeps Play Dough Recipe

Stir until you have a thick puffy play dough. If the peeps play dough sticks to your hands dust it with a bit more cornstarch and knead it until smooth.

Easy Peeps Play Dough Recipe

I get the kids to help me with this part and they like seeing the dough start to take form.

Simple Peeps Play Dough Recipe

Then you end up with a nice fluffy Peeps play dough that your kids can use as they please.

Easy Peeps Play Dough Recipe

Ways to play with Peeps Play dough

My daughter likes to roll hers out and use them with her play dough cutters to make different shapes.

She likes to serve me delicious food that’s she’s made in her pretend kitchen.

Whatever they want to do with it, let them use their imagination to make it happen. After all, they’re using this time to be creative and to have fun making their peeps. It’s a win-win scenerio that will result in potentially hours of imaginative play!

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