Desert Lapbook

This is what we’ve covered in our desert lapbook and the resources we used for my M1 who is in the 6th grade.
  • Desert habitatsIf you're learning about the desert, build your own desert lapbook with these resources to get you started about desert environment and desert animals.
  • Types of desert
  • Water in the desert – oasis, reacting to rainfall
  • What is the desert made of
  • Sahara desert
  • Gobi desert
  • Ways plants survive
  • People
  • Animals,  insects, reptiles, birds
  • Adapting to the desert
  • Camels
  • How humans adapt
  • Food chain
Resources: As you can see we love DK books, they have the best pictures. Desert Crafts: Create your own cactus craft while your learn about the desert and build your own desert lapbook

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