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Christmas Printable Activities for Kids

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If you are searching for seasonal and educational Christmas Printable Activities for Kids, you’ll love this printable pack!

I created this Christmas printable activities for kids geared towards preschoolers to kindergarten students. If you missed it, I also created some  Christmas counting mats as well.

Isn’t this age group so fun? A time in their life when they are excited to learn and want to soak up all the information that is floating around them. It really is quite fun to be able to teach and learn through their eyes as well.

After this week we will be off of school so it’s nice to have some fun activities to have the kids to do that are related to Christmas. My daughter loves having her own set of worksheets to do while her older brothers are working on their school work. These are some activities that she likes to try or sometimes she just ends up coloring everything. As long as she is learning and getting in the habit, I’m fine with it.

My son loves worksheets while my oldest never took to them. Kids are so different, you never know what they will like. Both my littles love completing worksheets and fly through them. I’ve come up with some fun ideas to help your little one learn and play at the same time.

And now we have tons more fun printable kindergarten worksheets to share.

Love these fun printable learning activities for Christmas. Adorable Christmas printables for kids to engage your preschool or kindergarten students to trace, write and count in a fun Christmas theme. #Christmas #Printables #kids #homeschooling #homeschool

Christmas Printable Activities for Kids

You’ll love these Christmas Printable Activities for Kids. I love to print it off and laminate them and have them packaged up and ready for our holiday travels.

Each kid gets their own activity pack and they get to work on it at their leisure. It’s the perfect way to have an activity for your child to keep them engaged and active so you can travel with everyone calm in the car.

It’s also a good idea to have this in your purse or carry on luggage too when traveling. Your kiddos will love having something to do especially if you are stuck somewhere where it seems like there is nothing else to do!

This Christmas printable activities for kids set includes:

  • 2 tracing sheets
  • 2 puzzles
  • 2 pattern sheets
  • 2 notebooking pages
  • 1 drawing sheet
  • 2 writing sheets

The great part about having multiple Christmas printables is that it gives the kids so many fun options to do! They’ll love being able to have their own printables and do their own work at their very own pace. And you’ll love knowing that they’ll have so much fun with these festive holiday worksheets as well.

Options for These Christmas Printable Activities For Kids

While this packet is super simple to print off and use, don’t forget that you can also use these sporadically as well.

One of the best things that we do in our house about learning is that we tend to celebrate the holidays as they come. This means that we put a lot of focus on Christmas printables during Christmas and the same with the other holidays and events as well.

What you’ll notice is that you can easily print off these fun holiday worksheets and then pair them up with fun Christmas books, too. Because anytime you can combine work and reading, it’s just an awesome way to get the kids to learn more and be even more engaged than they already are.

Don’t delay, get your Christmas worksheet printables here!

Have fun this Christmas with these fun printable activities for your preschooler or kindergartner.

Want even more Christmas Learning Activities? Try the Christmas Learning Activities Bundle, it’s available now.

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