Printable Santa Letters

The kids are going to love these Printable Santa Letters! Such an easy way to talk to the big guy!

Want even more Christmas ideas? See this list of cool Christmas worksheets for kids.

We’re finally in December, where has this year gone? Who’s ready to write a letter to Santa? My kids love writing letters to Santa because the post office sends them replies. My oldest knows there isn’t a Santa but goes along with it for the younger kids.

My kids like to ask about Santa, to see how he’s doing, how the reindeer are and tell him if they’ve been good or not. I swear some of the things they come up. Why not incorporate letter writing into your schedule, you can practice handwriting, grammar, and spelling while making it fun for the kids.

I know my kids always want to include things that they’d like for Christmas but I always encourage them to think of those that are in need and may not get any presents this year to steer their thinking into giving to others as well.

My son volunteers with Meals on Wheels and has noticed that everyone does not have wonderful houses to live in and sometimes the conditions are not always ideal. He’s asked about why they would let it get that way and it has led to many discussions.

Printable Santa Letters

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Printable Santa Letters

Will your kids be writing any letters to Santa this year? Use these bright and colorful printable Santa letters for your kids to use and choose from 7 different templates.

Do you remember back to when you were a little kid? Getting your letter to Santa was a huge deal. And it’s still a huge deal to your children as well. This is because Santa sees all and knows all, right?

These Santa Letters make it super simple for your child to get their letter out to Santa will all their Christmas wishes on it. All you have to do is print and let your child have fun writing on it and put in the mail.

The good news about sending a letter to Santa is that it is certain to arrive in plenty of time!

And now we have tons more fun printable kindergarten worksheets to share, too.

Printable Santa Letters

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Printable Santa Letters

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Read about these fun Santa stories for Christmas to get your kids excited about Christmas.

We love to combine reading for all occasions in our house and Christmas offers some of the best books there is. Being able to have the kids write out their Santa Letters and then snuggle up and read some of these awesome Santa Books.

You can even branch out and read all the other great Christmas classics as well. Because there are so many great holiday books that really do a wonderful job of bringing the family together to enjoy the moment.

SANTA CLAUS: Myths, Legends & HistorySANTA CLAUS: Myths, Legends & HistoryWhere's Santa Claus? (Where's The)Where’s Santa Claus? (Where’s The)I Saw Santa's Underpants: A Funny Rhyming Christmas Story for Kids Ages 4-8I Saw Santa’s Underpants: A Funny Rhyming Christmas Story for Kids Ages 4-8Santa's Lost Reindeer: A Christmas Book That Will Keep You LaughingSanta’s Lost Reindeer: A Christmas Book That Will Keep You LaughingSanta Claus Doesn't Mop Floors (Adventures of the Bailey School Kids #3)Santa Claus Doesn’t Mop Floors (Adventures of the Bailey School Kids #3)I Think My Grandpa Might Be Santa: Christmas Board Book (Love You Always)I Think My Grandpa Might Be Santa: Christmas Board Book (Love You Always)


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Printable Santa Letters

Download the printable Santa letters below

There are several different designs to choose from. All you have to do is download and let your kids write out their Santa Letter. They’re going to be so excited to get started!

You can also take a look at my other Christmas printables for kids. We have so many fun and educational printables to choose from here!

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