Christmas Number Matching Printable

Bring the fun of Christmas into your child’s learning while counting with these fun Christmas number matching printable. I love the smell of a live Christmas tree and hot chocolate, that’s what I look forward to in December and it’s understandable that the kids are excited too.

We deviate from our normal school schedule and make the most of Christmas by bringing it into school as well. Why not draw out their excitement about the holidays and bring it into school?

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If you’ve been following along with the blog for a while, you know that I LOVE to incorporate the seasons and the holidays into our learning fun. There’s just something so exciting and wonderful about being excited in the moment and using that to help the children learn more as well.

Printables make it super easy to do and this is why I’m a huge fan of this fun option.

Christmas Number Matching Printable

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Recommended Christmas Books for Kids

Bring the spirit of the holidays into your school day with any of these wonderful Christmas books.

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Christmas Number Matching Printable

The great part about this holiday number matching printable is that it’s geared towards early learners and is simple and easy to do. One of the biggest learning tools that can help kids learn more quickly is to also be certain that you’re helping out their confidence as well.

This means that you can have printables such as this one that can increase their confidence and learning at the same time.

These printables are colorful, fun, and easy for the kids to start doing immediately once you print them out and get them ready to go.

Christmas Number Matching cards

Fun Ways To Use This Printable

While you can easily print off this matching printable and use it as is, there are a lot of other fun ways that you can use this Christmas printable as well.

Printing it off and sharing it with cousins or other family members to do together is a great way to bond and sit down and slow down together. And if you’re not near them or you’re not getting together, it’s something that can be done together over Zoom as well.

Another fun way to use this printable is to print and let the kids color the pictures as well. This allows them to match the numbers and then continue to be creative and use this sheet for even more.

Christmas Number Matching Printable Supplies

All you need to get started on this printable is listed below.

Print out the number cards onto cardstock or laminate them for more durability. Mix them up and have the child match up the objects to the correct number.

Count up to 12 with this free Christmas number match up printable PDF below

To extend this activity, couple this printable with your favorite Christmas books and create a fun Christmas craft like a cotton ball Santa or decorate a paper Christmas tree. I know we spend more time crafting in December than any other time of the year, it’s a wonderful way to celebrate and enjoy quality time together as a family.

When it comes to the holiday season, there are so many fun ways that you can spend time together. We often feel that we’re limited with things to do but when you get down to it, our lives are full of opportunities.

To count up to 20 and match them with the number words, with 150+ pages of more Christmas printable learning activities with math, fine motor and writing skills, grab this Christmas Printable Pack now.

If you are into STEM activities, you can try these Christmas STEM activities that will surely keep your little one learning while having fun!

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