Christmas Scavenger Hunt for Kids

Ready for another fun Christmas holiday activity? Take the whole family on a Christmas scavenger hunt for kids! Whether it’s inside your own home, on a walk or drive around the neighbourhood, or during another seasonal shopping trip to the mall, the symbols and icons of Christmas are all around us.

Give your kids these great printable scavenger worksheets, and challenge them to see how many they can find!

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There are a lot of symbols of Christmas

One of the most entertaining parts of Christmas are all the various things we use to identify Christmas. Stars, candy canes, Christmas trees and Santa all help make the season merry and bright. And this is a game that can be played by young and old alike. Anyone can recognize a picture and find its real-life version around them. It’s easy!

A scavenger hunt is a list of items each player or team has to find. The person or team that finds the most wins the prize – even if that’s just the bragging rights of knowing you won. Our Christmas scavenger hunt for kids worksheets are all pictures, so that even pre-readers can get in on the fun. Find stars, candy canes, elves, angels and other symbols of Christmas to win the game.

Scavenger hunts have long been a cheap and fun version of a treasure hunt. Finding the different bits and pieces on the list for the scavenger hunt is like solving the clues to a treasure hunt map. Some kinds of scavenger hunts have long been a part of holiday traditions too, like Easter egg hunts at Easter. This holiday, add a Christmas scavenger hunt to your family traditions.

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Christmas Scavenger Hunt for Kids

Why are these symbols so familiar?

Part of the magic of Christmas are all the stories we enjoy. And the images of the stories become the images of the holiday. When we look at these pictures, we’re reminded of the stories behind them, and the warmth, love and fun we had learning them the first time.

One story of Christmas that is enjoyed the world over is the one about Santa and his elves. The big guy himself wouldn’t be anywhere without his hard-working helpers. And they are definitely recognizable, with their jaunty hats, striped leggings, pointy ears and jingly shoes. What other stories will you be able to share from the symbols of the scavenger hunt worksheets?

There’s nothing like sharing Christmas stories with kids. Their eyes sparkle and their faces glow as their imaginations soar with Santa in his reindeer-pulled sled, or with the angels singing about a baby in a stable. Watching them taste a yummy candy cane or sip warm hot chocolate is just part of the amazing holiday season.

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Ready for another fun Christmas holiday activity? Take the whole family on a Christmas scavenger hunt for kids!

Enjoy the magic of the moment with your kids.

Whether you love the story of Frosty the Snowman, or enjoy playing Santa filling stockings on Christmas Eve, these Christmas scavenger hunt worksheets will remind you of all the fun of the holidays. And going on a treasure hunt to find all the symbols of the season will just add to the fun!

So don’t miss a moment of magic this year. Take the kids on an adventure they won’t forget.

Download your free Christmas Scavenger Hunt for Kids printables below

It’s time to start making memories this year. What are you waiting for?

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