How to Involve Kids in Holiday Prep

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The holiday season is generally a time when parents (mostly moms) do a lot of extra work. We tend to make all the plans, do all the shopping, all the cleaning, and all of the cooking. But, there is a better way.

Involving your kids in holiday prep provides advantages on several levels.

If you are feeling overwhelmed about all you have to do this holiday season, use these tips for how to involve kids in holiday prep!

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Why You Should Involve Your Kids in Holiday Prep

The holiday season is often overwhelming for moms, but it doesn’t have to be. When you involve your kids in the act of preparing and planning in addition to the celebration, you end up with a holiday that is more relaxed for all.

If you have a special surprise or tradition that you like to do for your kids, I’m not saying to stop doing that, but rather, involve the kids in things that don’t have to be done by mom. If you do, you’ll benefit yourself and your kids in the following ways:

You Won’t Be Overburdened

Sure, if you let your kids cook a holiday dessert it won’t look as pretty, but you’ll also have two extra hours that day. Dividing up holiday tasks can make it easier for you to enjoy the day.

Kids Will Learn the Art of Holiday Hosting

A lot of teens and young adults have no idea what goes into hosting a successful holiday event. Your kids will know how to plan a holiday AND stay in budget.

Kids Will Appreciate Your Efforts

A lot of children have no idea how much work a successful holiday requires. If they are right along with you as you plan, clean, and prepare, they will definitely know.

How to Involve Kids in Holiday Prep

If you are feeling overwhelmed about all you have to do this holiday season, use these tips for how to involve kids in holiday prep!

I like to include my kids during holiday prep in the following ways:

    • Kids can help clean for guests.
  • They can help prepare dishes in advance.
  • Kids can help set the table, make table decorations, and decorate the house.
  • Also, kids can help prepare food on the day of the party.
  • Older kids can keep younger kids occupied while mom and dad work on holiday preparations.
  • Kids can plan seasonal activities to do on the day.
  • Kids can decide when to do certain family holiday traditions.

Finally, it doesn’t take a whole lot more effort to involve kids in all aspects of the holiday. Who knows, everyone working together might just become your favorite holiday tradition.

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