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Christmas Counting Printable

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This adorable Christmas Counting Printable is an excellent way to transition your regular homeschool curriculum into a fun and festive holiday homeschooling curriculum!

I thought it would be great to work on our numbers with my toddler so I created this Christmas counting printable for her. She won’t be able to skip count but she does enjoy trying to put the puzzles together. I love changing up our math worksheets to keep things fresh and exciting.

This counting printable is aimed at kids from toddlers to kindergarten students. I hate placing ages on my stuff because not all kids are at the same level. In saying that, if your child wants to do this and they are older, what is the harm? Learning is learning and it’s always fun to find ways to interact with your children on an educational level.

I printed these out for my daughter, you could use bingo dabbers to color the dots or since I’m frugal I like to reuse the printouts so she placed pom pom balls on the dots and we counted them out together. You could also use stickers or just color them in. I just let my daughter choose her choice of medium. It always varies.

An adorable set of counting activities for your preschooler. Get into the holiday spirit with this fun Christmas counting printable for kids who are learning to count, make learning fun and exciting. #Christmas #Preschool #counting #homeschool #homeschooling

Christmas Counting Printable

When the holiday times come around, we’re always excited for switching gears to our Christmas printables. Focusing on seasons during the year really does add a lot to the learning fun.

My daughter loves doing school just like her older brothers but my son loved putting the puzzles together as well. Although he says they are really easy for him (he’s in the first grade). He still enjoys trying out what his sister is doing as well.

We also love to incorporate reading into our lesson plans! When you combine reading with learning, I really do think that great things happen. There’s just something magical about snuggling up and working on these printables then finishing off with a great book. (or two!)

You can also take the time and just sit down and work on these printables with them. They’re geared towards early learners so this is perfect for the younger kids.

And if they’re excited and ready to be in “school”, it’s printables like these that can easily make it happen.

I’ve also used this during our holiday travels as well. Printing them out before we get on the road is a great way to plan ahead and have something new and unique for them to do in the car.

How to use thes Christmas Counting Printables

You can print these out and use them any which way you want. You’ll see some of the ways that I use them below.

For the number cards, I printed them out on card stock and you can have your child clip the correct answers with a clothespin. This was too difficult for my daughter so she placed the pom pom balls on the items instead and we talked through and counted the items together.

I’ve added these to a Ziploc bag and placed it in her box with her other printables so she can pull them out whenever she wants. I also have a Christmas Printable Activities pack as well. It’s always a good idea to keep fun learning items with you just in case you need to use them when traveling or to help pass the time.

Want even more Christmas Printable Activities? Try the Christmas Printable Pack, it’s available now. It contains 150+ pages of engaging Christmas learning activities.

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