Christmas Notebooking Pages

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These Christmas Notebooking Pages are a great way to work on writing skills as well as comprehension skills as well.

We love reading a lot of Christmas books during the month of December so instead of our regular reports or writing lessons, my son will notebook about the books that we’ve read. It’s a great way to test his comprehension and incorporate writing into one activity.

I love reading wonderful books and I don’t always like to test my kids about the book with question after questions about what we read. I love to ask what happened and see what the child comes up with and not stifle their creativity.

Using these Christmas Notebook pages as a way to write out thoughts and work on communication skills as well. Plus, it’s also fun to see the kids write out what they think about the books, too.

We have a list of our favorite Christmas books and we always ensure to include our favorites like The Nutcracker. You can easily do this for any types of books throughout the year as well.

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Christmas Notebooking Pages

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Christmas Notebooking Pages

These notebook pages will give a lot of creative freedom for the kids to write and draw what they want.

I love leaving space for the child to draw because that always inspires their writing. When I just ask my son to write, he tends to get writer’s block and complains about not knowing what to write. If he draws first, it always inspires a great sentence as he tries to summarize what is going on in his picture.

It’s important to remember that some children communicate better with words while others prefer to draw their thoughts and opinions. These printable pages give them the choice to do both, or one or the other and that is what makes them so great.

Favorite Christmas book

More Christmas Books for Kids

We read a ton in our house because of how it helps with communication and listening skills as well as enhance their reading skills, too. The kids love having an abundance of Christmas book on hand for this time of year, and I’m not going to deny that fact, either.

If you’re looking for a few good holiday books to sit down and read together as a family, these are a few to have at the top of your list. They’re all super simple and engaging and are certain to bring out the holiday spirit.

The Littlest Reindeer (Littlest Series)The Littlest Reindeer (Littlest Series)The Littlest Reindeer (Littlest Series)Polar Express 30th anniversary editionPolar Express 30th anniversary editionPolar Express 30th anniversary editionDasher: How a Brave Little Doe Changed Christmas ForeverDasher: How a Brave Little Doe Changed Christmas ForeverDasher: How a Brave Little Doe Changed Christmas ForeverHow to Catch an ElfHow to Catch an ElfHow to Catch an ElfChristmas FarmChristmas FarmChristmas FarmThe Christmas Miracle of Jonathan ToomeyThe Christmas Miracle of Jonathan ToomeyThe Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey


Christmas Notebooking Pages

I do prefer to use notebooking with my kids instead of pre-made test or question style type of reports to see what they remember or the significant parts that they took away from the story.

But you can ultimately use these notebook pages however you see fit. Use them as a way to write out their thoughts and feelings about a book or have them be a book report type option where they can write down the things that they learned and took from the book as well.

It’s totally up to you and the kids how you want to use these holiday notebooking pages.

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