Christmas Kindergarten Writing Worksheets

So if you’ve been following along this is my third post in my series Christmas Kindergarten Worksheets. I have a little one at home who is enjoying all of the Christmas printables so these are all things that I’m using with her.

If you have a little one learning to write, it’s always fun to see their little artwork that they create. We do work on letter formation by tracing it in a salt tray, using our fingers in the air so that we can practice proper letter formation before the pencil hits the paper.

Christmas Kindergarten Writing Worksheets

I use the ABC workbook to show her how letters should be formed so I don’t have to keep repeating. And since Christmas is such a fun time of the year to celebrate and continue with learning, we always love to have Christmas themed worksheets to work on during this time.

And now we have tons more fun printable kindergarten worksheets to share. 

Christmas Kindergarten Writing Worksheets

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Christmas Kindergarten Writing Worksheets

The great thing about using writing worksheets for your early learner is that it lets them learn on their own speed and pace. One of the biggest hurdles that children seem to have is to get down their handwriting and writing skills. This is why these writing worksheets really can help.

Each line gives them the chance to space out their letters and focus on writing with minimal errors or stress.

After they use these worksheets, you’ll see that their confidence will soar as they become more fluent with their writing skills.

Recommended Christmas Activity Kits

Little Learners Print & Go Activity Kit: Christmas

Bring Christmas into the schoolroom and make it a part of every day in December.

Christmas Tree Decorating Craft

Kids will enjoy decorating Christmas trees with this Christmas Tree Decorating Craft. A great way to practice hand and eye coordination, too.

Christmas Kindergarten Writing Worksheets

Christmas kindergarten writing worksheets supplies

All you need to get started is listed below. It’s as simple as printing and letting the kids get started!

If you’d like to use the worksheets again, cover them with page protectors and have your child write with a dry or wet erase marker. My daughter lovers her Crayola dry erase board for printables.

These are some Christmas books that your kids can enjoy this month before you do each activity. I love tying in a good book, it gets the kids excited about books, introduces them to new vocabulary and we always learn something new. They also lead to different discussions based on the books.

Find all our free Christmas worksheets for kids here. 

Christmas Kindergarten Writing Worksheets

Recommended Christmas Books for Kids

Bring the joy of the holiday season into your homeschool with any of these fun Christmas books. Your kids will love them, we often spend the month of December reading holiday books and baking.

A fun way to combine reading with writing is to have the kids write out what they thought about the books as well. This can be a simple explanation of what they learned during the book or it can be a fun way to have them think up their own ending to the story as well.

But ultimately, you’re having them work on their reading skills and writing skills at the same time and that is a very cool thing. They’ll be proud that they can do both independently and it’s a great way to watch their learning grow as well.

The Littlest Reindeer (Littlest Series)The Littlest Reindeer (Littlest Series)Polar Express 30th anniversary editionPolar Express 30th anniversary editionDasher: How a Brave Little Doe Changed Christmas ForeverDasher: How a Brave Little Doe Changed Christmas ForeverHow to Catch an ElfHow to Catch an ElfChristmas FarmChristmas FarmThe Christmas Miracle of Jonathan ToomeyThe Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey


Christmas Kindergarten Writing Worksheets

Download the Christmas Kindergarten Writing Worksheets below

To get this Christmas Kindergarten Writing Worksheets freebie, follow the simple instructions below.

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