Christmas Tracing Worksheets

Do you have a preschooler who needs to practice their fine motor coordination? Then these fun Christmas tracing worksheets will bring a little holiday spirit into your learning environment.

Christmas is the perfect holiday to incorporate learning. While every holiday can be a great time to have fun printables, Christmas is one of the most favorite times of the year in our house. The lights, the family time, the snow, and snuggle weather…all of it creates the perfect dynamic for a fun learning environment as well.

These Christmas printables are fun to do and even easier to print out. We’ve incorporated these into our learning and the kids have really had a ton of fun with them. They don’t even mind that they’re working on their tracing skills when they’re doing these holiday worksheets. They’re just that fun and festive!

Find all our free Christmas worksheets for kids here. 

Christmas Tracing Worksheets

Looking for more? Your kids will love these fun tracing activities, too! They will have a great time while practicing their pencil grasp, hand-and-eye coordination, and concentration with these themed printables.

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Christmas Tracing Worksheets

One of the latest learning fun that my kiddos have learned to love is the never-ending world of tracing. Tracing is one of those skill sets that many people often overlook because it seems so simple, but in all reality, it takes a lot of coordination and patience!

I even find myself doing some of these tracing activities here and there because it’s such a good mental and motor activity. Plus, you’re never too old to improve on your skills, right?

How to use these Christmas Tracing Printables

Have your child trace over the lines as they learn to follow the path they learn important fine motor skills that can translate into their writing.

Another fun idea is to print out these Christmas Tracing Worksheets to share with cousins and other young friends. You can easily mail it to them and have them complete the worksheets on their own or set up a fun zoom and have the kids work on them together.

It will also keep things light and fun as Christmas come even closer, I love this time of the year. We always have a ton of Christmas printables that we love doing this time of year.

Christmas Tracing Worksheets

See what other Christmas printables I’ll be sharing this week in my Christmas Worksheets for Kids series.

See why I love printables? You literally just have to print, and go! I have also been known to print these out and have a folder with me in the car full of fun learning worksheets. That way, when we’re traveling for the holidays or bouncing around to appointments, the kids can easily work on some of these fun worksheets as well.

I also highly suggest laminating your printables as well because you never know when you are going to need some sort of activity for your child when you’re out and about. Once you make a printable, laminate them for later use. That way, you can store them in your bag or purse and just pull them out when needed.

Plus, with them being laminated, you can just wipe them clean to reuse over and over again. It’s always a good idea to reuse and save paper when possible.

Christmas Tracing Worksheets

Get the Christmas tracing worksheets PDF below

If you enjoy these Christmas Tracing Worksheets, don’t forget to check out these other Christmas worksheets for kids as well! With the holiday season right around the corner, the time is now to start preparing all your fun educational content. (And I’m a firm believer that you can’t have too much Christmas-themed learning!)

Get into the Christmas with these Christmas themed printables

More Christmas learning concepts to consider

Here are some of our other fun Christmas worksheets that are a great activity as well.

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