Build the Solar System with Spielgaben Toys

Learn about space and build your own solar system with Spielgaben toys, you can even create your own gravitational wave.

I’m so lucky that my son has a father who loves teaching him about the solar system, something he is very passionate about. I prefer biology so I leave this stuff to their father. 

There was a recent discovery that proved one of Einstein’s theory was correct, gravitational waves. They are ripples in space and scientists just discovered their existence which marked a huge historical event for scientists. Einstein predicted 100 years ago that black holes or neutron stars rapidly orbiting each other, as you can see in the center of our model, can create ripples in space.

Since we’re learning about the solar system in science, my son decided to build them with our Spielgaben Toys and he tried to make the distance according to scale although we know that the sun should be gigantic, this is all we had.


The first four planets that are closer to the sun are very close together, he made Earth blue since it’s mainly covered in water.  You can see the rings on Saturn, and since Uranus spins vertically, he wanted to show it with the rings. Since Neptune is the stormiest planet, he wanted to make it blue, and it’s cold being the furthest from the sun.

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These open ended toys are a great way to invite imaginative play with Spielgaben toys


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  1. What a fun, hands on way to play and learn about the solar system!

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