Imaginative Play with Spielgaben

These open ended toys are a great way to invite imaginative play with Spielgaben toys

If you’re looking to invest in your child’s learning, the Spielgaben complete set provides hours of imaginative play for your kids. There are 10 sets and each drawer can provide hours of endless learning opportunities, but when you combine them, the kids come up with amazing ideas.

Have fun learning with Spielgaben toys, a great way to invite imaginative play

The complete set comes in a sturdy drawer set, all of the components have a designated area and it’s easy to organize and clean up after each use.  Most of the materials are made of quality wood, with 90% of their product using sustainable German Beech Wood and 10% of it using child-safe plastic for the rods. My kids were really excited to open up their gift, it was a task unpacking all the wrapping but it paid off.

The complete Spielgaben set comes with a study guide pdf, which I’ll jump into more in a later post, with activities for each of their components, I was really surprised at the amount of different activities that could be done with the toys.

There are so many things you can do with these wonderfully made Spielgaben toys

My son’s favorite are the balls and the rods, the rods attach to the balls so you can connect them and he likes to build tall towers. My daughter loves their first set, with the felt balls, she threaded through the laces and the blocks and asked me to hang them up as our Christmas tree. She then uses the blocks for the city around the tree.

The wooden tiles can be used to create any type of design so my son just had fun with this one. My son also made this amusement park which housed animals and a caged dinosaur apparently. The set comes with the board that you can use to place the rods into or they can lay flat to create other designs. The board can be flipped over and you can stick in these small wooden circle tiles to create other projects as well.

The wooden board with the flat tiles also flips over because it’s magnetic to attach to the top of the set of drawers which is neat.

If you’re interested in purchasing your own Spielgaben Complete Set, my readers will get an 11% discount ($50 USD off), just contact them and let them know that you saw the coupon mentioned here and they’ll give you a coupon code to use on your purchase.

Stay tuned as we show you what else you can do with these toys, they’re a great investment if you’re looking for quality learning materials.


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