Bee Life Cycle Coloring Pages

Use these Bee Life Cycle Coloring Pages as a great way to show how the life cycle of a bee works. If you have bee fans in the house, these coloring pages are the best! Just print and let the kids get started and have fun while they’re learning!

We love all things life cycle. We like to learn about the life cycle of insects, plants, animals, and more. And using a printable is the perfect way to let the kids take charge and learn on their own.

It’s a fun way to show the kids that bees don’t always look like bees. There is a process that they go through to get to those buzzing bees.

If you love this activity, check out my Bee Activities for Kids blog post for more!

bee life cycle coloring pages

Be sure to check out our list of life cycle worksheets for kids for more fun ideas to pair up with this life cycle worksheet.

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Bee Life Cycle Coloring Pages

The fun thing about using this life cycle printable activity is that there are so many things that the kids can do with it. They can write, they can color, they can draw, and they can be as creative as they’d like.

As long as they’re following the process of how a bee is created and how it grows, this printable will show them exactly how it’s done.

Recommended Bee Books for Kids

Let your kids learn more about bees with these amazing books. This can be a great activity before or even after the coloring pages.

The fun thing about adding books to any learning lesson is that books just bring in a whole new perspective for the kids. They can read the pages, look at the pictures, or just flip through and devour as many books as they can.

The books below are a great way to teach the kids more about bees. Some of the books are true, some are not, and this is where you can really have fun with books.

I like to keep a stack of books on hand for the kids so that they have options to pick up a book and read. The more books that you have in the house, the more likely that they’re going to pick up some books and flip through the pages.

If you can cycle out the books, that’s a great way to make old books new again as well. I store a ton of books in the closet in tubs throughout the year and rotate them out as we start talking about different subjects and things.

The Secret Life of Bees: Meet the bees of the world, with Buzzwing the honeybeeThe Secret Life of Bees: Meet the bees of the world, with Buzzwing the honeybeeBee Fearless: Dream Like a KidBee Fearless: Dream Like a KidBee: A Peek-Through Picture BookBee: A Peek-Through Picture BookI Am a Bee: A Book About Bees for Kids (I Am Learning: Educational Series for Kids)I Am a Bee: A Book About Bees for Kids (I Am Learning: Educational Series for Kids)Give Bees a ChanceGive Bees a ChanceBees Like Flowers (Mummy Nature Children's Book)Bees Like Flowers (Mummy Nature Children’s Book)


As you can see, the printables have pictures of the various life cycle and the word of what it is underneath. The word is in a dotted line for the kids to trace and work on their writing skills, too.

Make sure that they color in the pictures and put their own spin on the pages! This is a fun way for them to take the steps of a bee’s life cycle and make it unique to their creativity.

bee life cycle coloring pages on a desk

Each printable page has a different picture and word and is a great way for the kids to work on each one at a slow pace. Once they’re done, they can then put them in order as a way to show what they’ve learned.

bee life cycle coloring pages on a desk

If you want to hang them up once the kids are done, put them in order and make room on the fridge! This would also be great to hang up in a playroom or craft area as well. Or if you homeschool, in your schooling space!

Recommended Bee Life Cycle Educational Toys

Let them play with these amazing toys about a bee’s life cycle. It’s a great review for them after your homeschool life cycle lesson.

If you can add in hands-on learning toys, this is perfect for teaching the kids that toys can be fun and educational at the same time.

Some of these toys are a fun way for visual learners to possibly understand the life cycles of bees even more. Remember that all kids learn at their own pace and in their own way so adding in learning toys can totally help.

Keep these in mind for Christmas gifts, birthday gifts, or just super fun ideas to add to your homeschooling classroom. Since these toys are great for learning, you’ll get a lot of use out of them in the classroom setting!

bee life cycle wooden tray
bee life cycle model toys

The kids are going to love playing with these bee life cycle printables. They’re a fun printable that will have them learning all about bees!

Once they learn about the bees, see if you can get outside and check out how many bees you can find. Remind the kids to stay clear of the bees and just find them with their eyes!

Do you want your kids to learn more about bees? Check this list of books about bees that are perfect for preschoolers!

bee life cycle coloring pages on a desk

Download the bee life cycle coloring pages below

If you have a preschooler and are looking for more science printables to get your child engaged while learning, check out my list of Science Worksheets for Preschoolers!

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