Bee Activities for Preschoolers

Bzzz! It’s bee season and it’s time to learn more about our good bee friends!

Check out this amazing list of bee activities for preschoolers that you can enjoy with your kids. Keep them busy and entertained while they learn more about these busy and fascinating creatures who help many plants grow. Through fun arts & crafts, games, nature walks, and more, you’ll have tons of options to show them how important bees are in our ecosystem.

If you want more of these activities, take a look at these bee activities for kids!

What’s more, they help instill an understanding and appreciation of our pollinator friends – something that is especially important given the current state of honeybee populations. Use this post as a guide while exploring what’s buzzing around you!

Bee Activities for Preschoolers

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How can hands-on activities help with learning?

As kids prepare for another spring of homeschooling, hands-on activities offer a great way to facilitate learning.

Working with items that kids can touch and manipulate, helps kids better understand theories and ideas in real-world terms. Whether it’s building a model of a bee’s body as kids learn about the different parts of insect anatomy or experimenting with different plants while studying botany, doing hands-on activities creates an engaging learning experience.

Kids will remember the things they create or build with their own hands and how that relates to their lessons more than reading about it or being told. Get out your craft supplies and get busy.

Collage of 4 Bee Activities for Preschoolers

It’s amazing how kids can be interested in books at a very young age! Truly, books are a primary source of learning. Try grabbing one or two of these books and see how your kids will love them and ultimately learn more about our buzzing friends!

Five Bizzy Honey BeesFive Bizzy Honey BeesGive Bees a ChanceGive Bees a ChanceThe Bee Book (Conservation for Kids)The Bee Book (Conservation for Kids)Bee: A Peek-Through Picture BookBee: A Peek-Through Picture BookNational Geographic Readers: Buzz, Bee!National Geographic Readers: Buzz, Bee!Explore My World: Honey BeesExplore My World: Honey Bees


There is more fun in doing activities with bees rather than studying them from afar! These craft kits help your kids get creative, study these pollinating friends and make your kids cultivate love and care for them.

Bee Magnet Craft Kit

I know all our kids’ drawings and paintings are worth sticking on a fridge, but what if they made the magnet that sticks onto your fridge? This bee magnet craft kit will enhance your kids’ creativity and encourage them to craft more so that they can see their bee magnets on your fridge holding their art!

Bug Window Decorations Coloring Kit

This coloring kit is unique from other coloring kits because this can be used as a sun catcher! With translucent paper that your kids can color on and stick it on the window, they’ll love seeing their craft come to life!

Bee Activities for Preschoolers

If you're looking for fun bee ideas for your kids to do, here is a great list of bee activities for preschoolers.

As you can see, there’s no shortage of fun and educational activities that you can do with your preschooler to get them excited about bees.

From creating their own bee habitats to making their own bee hat, these activities are sure to engage your little ones in learning all about our beloved honeybees. Not only that, but they’ll also help them remember the importance of protecting and supporting our local pollinators.

So make sure to get outside with your kids, explore nature, and learn lots about how honeybees help us with the tasty honey we enjoy.

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