Back to School Math Worksheets for 2nd Grade

How in the world can summer be over already? All of the back to school supplies in the stores let me know summer is ending and my mind needs to turn to school. While I may not be ready, it’s time. I created these Back to School Math Worksheets for 2nd Grade.

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I can’t believe I’ll have a second grader already. You’ll find more of these as the year progresses as I attempt to stay ahead of his school work. Did I mention I like to create?!

I’ve included 5 sheets on grade 2 math involving skip counting and comparing numbers. I love finding new ways to create these so they’re set up differently than my other printables. I don’t think a child has to be drilled with 30 questions to show that they know a topic so if your child gets it then move on to something else.

I look forward to turning up the complexity of his math work as it seems he really thrives with math and I want to make sure that I am continually challenging him.

2nd grade doesn’t have to be a bore! Keep changing things up and school work can still be fun at this age too. What you prepare them for now, will help them so much in the future!

Back to School Math Worksheets for 2nd Grade

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Back to School Math Worksheets for 2nd Grade

Starting the kids back on math worksheets is important to get them thinking back about school. These worksheets are a great way to have them gearing back up and ready for learning. Even if separating from the summer months might feel tough, transitioning back to learning with this type of learning worksheets is a great way to get started.

Your child may surprise you in the fact that they’re ready for schooling, too! Even though summer is a fun time, there are many things about school that they actually do miss!

Back to School Math Worksheets for 2nd Grade

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Be ready for the first day of school! Grab this cute Wooden Homeschool Back to School Decor (left) or get this Back to School Printables (right) to decorate a space in your house on the first day of school. Kids will be so happy and motivated if they see this.

Wooden Homeschool Back to School Decor
Back to School Printables

Ways to extend these math worksheets

To extend this activity and get your kids excited about school, read these fun back to school books.

Your kids will love these awesome books with a back-to-school theme. They’ll be ready to go back to school after reading these books.

The Name JarThe Name JarCurious George's First Day of SchoolCurious George’s First Day of SchoolArthur goes Back to School (Kids Books for Young Explorers Book 4)Arthur goes Back to School (Kids Books for Young Explorers Book 4)Back To School With Betsy (Odyssey/Harcourt Young Classic)Back To School With Betsy (Odyssey/Harcourt Young Classic)Dear Teacher: A Funny Back To School Book For Kids About First Day JittersDear Teacher: A Funny Back To School Book For Kids About First Day JittersThis School Year Will Be the BEST!This School Year Will Be the BEST!


Back to School Math Worksheets for 2nd Grade

Have your kids involved in lunchtime planning, have them help you with the grocery list, take them shopping with you and have them tally up the bill, and let them help you make their lunches the evening before so that they know what to expect and will be excited about eating it the next day at school.

Anything that you can do to help get them into a routine is important! Your children can help out in so many different ways, so let them! Just ask them what they’d like to do during the day and see how you can make it happen. It really is as simple as that!

Routines are an important part of the life of a child. And if you’re a homeschooling parent, having a routine is important, too! We love to have our schedule figured out the night before and possibly the week before if we can get it all together. I find that once there is a plan in place, everyone tends to be a lot more relaxed about the next few days.

Do you have any back to school routine tips to share? We’re all in this together and learning from one another can be a very valuable resource!

Download the back to school math worksheets for 2nd grade

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