Back to School Counting Mats

I’m in full homeschool planning mode so we all know that everyone is preparing the kids to go back to school if they already haven’t returned. I like making my own math worksheets for kids because I can make them prettier and more appealing to my kids. Isn’t that half the fun of homeschooling?

Being able to tap into your own creativity a bit and see what else you can discover to teach and interact with for your children. Another great option is these Back to School Counting Mats. They really are fun and educational!

>> See more back to school worksheets for kids for more ideas.

Being a planner, I also like to follow different themes, even though we’re working on the same skills. It makes it look like a new idea because we use a different theme and keeps things interesting.

Part of keeping their attention is finding new ways to make it constantly interesting!

You can use counters, pom poms or candy to place on top of the images for the Back to School Counting Mats and that’s what my daughter likes to do as she practices counting. She then uses a bingo dabber or you could use a dot marker to fill in the circle in the numbers, which is absolutely her favorite part.

Practice counting with these adorable Back to School Counting Mats as you count up to 10 with your preschooler. Counting together is so much fun!

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Back to School Counting Mats Supplies

Make certain that you find a good printer for your homeschooling needs! I love our printer, it’s such a workhorse and it also copies and scans, perfect for any homeschool mom.

It’s HP Instant Ink enabled and that saves me a ton in ink and I can print to my heart’s content.

To extend the activity, read these amazing back to school books and you can create own crafts from these books, one of my favorite activities. Fill out an about me printable to capture where your kids are at the start of the year and compare it to the end.

I love looking back through their old work to see how they’ve progressed. Be sure to capture some first-day school photos as a keepsake.

Recommended Back to School Books

 Splat the Cat: Back to School, Splat! Spaghetti in a Hot Dog Bun: Having the Courage To Be Who You Are Curious George’s First Day of School The Berenstain Bears Go to School (First Time Books(R))

Get the Back to School Counting Mats Here >>

Once you click on the link, it will automatically download to the downloads folder on your device.

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  1. We are a large-ish family with a small budget and we often cannot get everything I would like for my kids to have for school, though we’ve always been blessed to have wonderful school years. This would make it so that we could pursue more and learn more in school!

  2. Honestly, we have managed to spend next to nothing on home schooling so far. We are in the process of paying down our student loan debt “Dave Ramsey Style” and plan to be done in 2-3 years. We’ve considered that eventually I’ll run out of things I can make for free at home and we’ll probably add 20$ / month to the budget or so… BUT, in the meantime, I would use it to purchase a few curriculum items (calendar, some montessori manipulatives, a pre-k alphabet curriculum) as well as a laminator, instead of making all those things by hand which would free up my time for other things.

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