Ant Books for Kids

Ant Books for Kids are the perfect way to keep your children entertained and learning this summer!

These books are filled with interesting facts about ants, along with engaging characters who they’ll want to learn more about.

Your children will love learning all about these fascinating creatures, and they’ll be the perfect addition to add to your homeschool insect or bug unit study.

Keep reading to find an amazing ant book to add to your collection.

Are you looking for an ant-themed activity? Check out my list of Ant Activities for Kids.

collage of ant books for kids

Are you learning about ants this spring or summer?

Follow them around in your yard and see how hard they work to find food and how they work together to take care of the colony.

If you want to learn more about the ant life cycle and how to grow from an egg to its adult form, grab the Ant Life Cycle Worksheets.

You can try your own ant experiments and put out food for them to see which ones they like and try fruits, vegetables, sugar, salt or vinegar and see if any of the ants are attracted to them.

Kids will enjoy designing an ant habitat especially when they get visitors.

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Are you looking for some outdoor adventure with the kids? These bug catcher kits are perfect for kids who want to start learning about bugs by actually seeing and observing them.

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Below are some products that your ant lover kids will surely enjoy. The first one is a simple DIY Ant Farm for an actual ant colony study and the next one is a set of 3D Toy Ants that you can use in an ant or bug sensory bin.

DIY Ant Farm
3D Toy Ant

Ant Books for Kids

Let your kids dive into the world of these tiny but mighty creatures. These books will be a great addition to your little one's book collections.

Were you able to find a fun ant book to read with your kids for your science lessons? They’re everywhere and so fun to watch in your own backyard.

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Ant Preschool Activities

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