What to Do When Your Child Doesn’t Want to Do School Work

A typical kid loves to play. To play with toys of their choice, to do what they consider fun. School work is not always considered fun, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t important.

We learn early on that responsibility is not always fun but it is important to do. It is necessary.

So how do we convince our children to willingly do school work when it is the last thing they want to do? Every homeschooling mom has been there. It’s time do school work and you have one child just staring at you in complete defiance.

As difficult and frustrating as it is, the first thing to remember is to stay calm. When your child doesn’t want to do schoolwork, there are things you can do to help motivate children to do school work.

Motivating children to do school work can be done through teaching obedience, taking away the distraction, finding an alternative as well as giving them some time. You can motivate children to do school work and to see the importance of school work.

You can motivate children to do school work when they don't want to. It is not always easy, but it is possible. We can show children how important school work is, even when it is the last thing they want to do. These tips are for you, because I've been there too.

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How To Motivate Children to do School Work

Talk to your child about obedience

When it comes to you asking your child to listen to you, you can almost hear the eye roll. However, it’s so important to talk to your child, every time they don’t listen.

When your child doesn’t want to do schoolwork, a nice little chat about obedience may do the trick. If your child is motivated by rewards, don’t be afraid to implement a few for their continued obedience with school work.

Take away what they really love

Sometimes, as parents, we’re afraid to punish our kids because then it punishes us. Ensuring your kid listens, when it’s time to do school work, may take a little creativity.

Does your child love video games? No video games, until school work is done without complaining. Think about what they really love and what will get to them and then take that away.

Find an alternative

Every child will wake up, once in awhile, and not want to do school work. On those days, it’s important to try and find an alternative. If your child is burnt out with their workbook curriculum, move school to the computer for the day. Sometimes, switching things up, can help your child a lot. Switching things up can take things from boring to exciting.

Give them some time

The grand thing about homeschooling is that your child’s schedule doesn’t have to fit into a box. If they do better at doing school in the afternoon, instead of the morning, then roll with it. Sometimes kids just need some time to adjust to the day. Children get overwhelmed, just like we do. Give them some time and your child may just come around.

Getting your child motivated to do school work can be hard. Sometimes the child is being defiant and other times, they are just showing signs of needing a different pace.

You can find what works for your child and implement it. If your child doesn’t want to do schoolwork everyday, you may need to get creative with how you approach learning with that child.

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