30 Praises for Your Homeschooled Child for a Job Well Done

I love homeschooling my kids, but sometimes we get wrapped up in the mundane that we forget to be positive. During our days, I want to make more of an effort to praise my kids for a job well done. The problem is I run out of things to say. I plan on printing out this list and keeping it close by.

Want help encouraging your kids? 30 praises for your homeschooled child for a job well done is a must-read to encourage your kids the right way.
  1. You did a great job working independently by yourself.
  2. Thank you so much for helping your brother with his school work.
  3. When you’re finished, you can pick something for free time because you’re working so well by yourself.
  4. You are doing great working on that project and staying on task.
  5. Keep up the good work and you can pick our next field trip location.
  6. Don’t worry, you will get it in no time.
  7. Try not to be sad, you tried really hard.
  8. I liked how you worked so diligently on that project.
  9. You are really good at doing that, I’m so proud of you.
  10. Thank you for being awesome.
  11. Wow, you did this all by yourself? Amazing!
  12. I appreciate the thoughtfulness of what you just did.
  13. That’s okay! You tried so hard.
  14. Can you try to get through this? You’re a rockstar.
  15. I know you’re tired, let’s come back to this later.
  16. I can’t believe how talented you are in math.
  17. Thank you for showing your sibling how that worked.
  18. Wow, I couldn’t do this without you.
  19. Let’s talk through it. We can do this.
  20. Don’t worry about it, you tried your hardest.
  21. Hey, there’s always tomorrow.
  22. I couldn’t be prouder of you.
  23. You already know that? Wow, I’m impressed!
  24. I’ve never seen you work so hard at something, great job.
  25. You have a wild imagination and I love it.
  26. I love the way you think.
  27. Don’t worry, we have plenty of time to get this concept down.
  28. Don’t be hard on yourself, you will get this in no time.
  29. The way you have improved in your reading is mind-blowing.
  30. You used your time so wisely.

You no longer have to feel negative during your homeschooling day. You can reach for the positive and have a better day. Kids need to hear the good stuff each and every day. It’ll be a while before you run out of things to say to your kids during your homeschooling days.

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  1. Tiana Senn says:

    I found #15 “I know you’re tired, let’s come back to this later”, to be very eye opening. My oldest has ADHD and ODD and I try to push through to try to get the work for the day complete. My mindset is the faster we get it done, the faster you can get to free-time. Something that was told to me time and time again as a child. However, repeatedly I am banging my head on a wall with this method with her and I think it’s because I am not focusing on this important step. Taking breaks is essential when working with ADHD kids, but I always still want to try to push and get one more page done or one last chapter finished while it seems like she’s on a roll. I have to remind myself…#15, #15! lol

    1. Good words! My 13 yr old with Asperger’s & ADHD told me she was fading fast. I wanted her to do something and sometimes it’s so hard to tell the diff between her just not wanting to do something or tired or something else. She said she wanted a nap & I gave in; 2 min later she was asleep! I guess she was fading fast!

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