How to Homeschool When You’re a Stressed Out Homeschooling Mom

It’s not uncommon for a mom to be stressed out at some point in her day. When you add homeschooling to the mix, it’s easy to be stressed out. Instead of letting the stress control your life, it’s important to learn how to handle your stress. See how to homeschool when you’re a stressed out homeschooling mom, these tips are for you! >> See more ideas on How to Homeschool Successfully When things aren't going your way, see these tips on how to homeschool when you're a stressed out homeschooling mom to get you going the right way.

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Create a Simple Schedule

A lot of times stress comes from not being prepared or when the day feels out of control. By creating a simple schedule, you can eliminate a lot of stress. It doesn’t have to be a strict schedule. Just keep simple things in mind such as when you will eat lunch. Make time for rest and give yourself some downtime.

Spend Time Slowing Down

Even moms who are calm can easily become stressed out, whenever they’re homeschooling. A lot of times the stress of homeschooling comes from not slowing down. One of the best things you can do for yourself, as you feel yourself being stressed, is to slow down! Don’t overcrowd your schedule, don’t put so many expectations on yourself, and just spend a little time breathing and relaxing.

Listen to music that calms your soul

We all have that favorite music that calms our soul, don’t we? If you’re a stressed out homeschooling mom, listen to more music! Listen to music that will inspire you and help you calm down, instead of stressing you out. Listen to music that has positive words! Music has a way of reaching into our soul and pulling out the best of us!

Learn to cope with stress

Let’s be honest, some of us can’t deal with stress at all. When you learn to cope with stress, you may be able to help yourself more in the long run. The smallest parts of homeschooling can be stressful, which is why learning to cope with stress is sometimes best. Here are some tools for helping you learn to cope with stress.
  • Breathe in and breathe out several times
  • Stop what you’re doing and come back to it
  • Practice yoga, walking, or exercise
  • Get more sleep, no one can focus on anything when they’re lacking sleep
  • Try using essential oils to help calm your nerves
  • Take a break when you need it, we have a way of pushing ourselves to the limit

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So, if you are a stressed out homeschooling mom, you can still homeschool! Take a deep breath, clear your schedule, and use tactics that can help you deal with stress in an appropriate manner.

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