How to Make Mid-Year Changes in Your Homeschool

Many homeschoolers are reevaluating where they are in their journey. Some families are looking at their routine, thinking they can do better. Others are bored with their curriculum, wondering if they should make some changes there. Some children are having issues or are not learning in their best way. While others are just looking to ensure what they are doing is the best they can do. Not sure where to get started with mid-year changes? Keep some of these Mid-Year Homeschool Changes tips in mind. First, let me just reiterate that there is absolutely nothing wrong with reevaluating and making changes in the middle of the year. Or any time of the year for that matter. If you notice something is not working, switching things up is actually the best thing you can do! These Mid-Year Homeschool Changes tips are meant to encourage you, your kids and your homeschool and to help be the best it can be!

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Making changes to your homeschool routine, curriculum or even focus mid-year is not only a great idea but some may be encouraged by it. These tips can help whether you are excited or apprehensive. Make your homeschool the best it can be with tips on how to make mid-yer changes in your homeschool.Spend some time reflection

Only when we spend time reflecting can we truly make changes. Spend some time thinking about what you didn’t like about the first half of the year. Did your family stay too busy? Did you not get enough sleep? Maybe your family wasn’t busy enough. Spend some time reflecting, so you can make the appropriate changes for the rest of the year ahead.

Ask the family what they think

It’s hard being the mom or dad in charge because you have to make the decisions. However, if your kids can talk, they probably have an opinion. One thing you can do, to relieve yourself of all the stress, is asking the family what they think. What do they want to change? Have a family meeting and discuss what they would like to see happen differently in the upcoming months.

Trial and error is important

Sadly, not all changes we make work out. Which is why trial and error is so very important. Try something new and see if your family likes it, if not, you can try something different. You don’t have to put a lot of time and energy into trying something new. Sample a new curriculum from the library, before you buy it. Visit a new homeschool co-op, before you sign up for the whole year. Try a “day” of a new routine before you make it permanent. As you can see, trial and error are so important.

Just go for it

If you’re the type that has trouble making a decision, sometimes you just need to go for it. Perhaps you just need to go for it. Don’t stress yourself out about the ands/ifs or buts. Just go for it and see if it works out! Mid-year changes can be nerve-wracking. However, it’s better to have “gone for it” and tried than never to have tried at all. Maybe you’re up in arms about switching curriculums, go for it. If you don’t like it, you can always go back to the old way you were doing things. Making mid-year changes puts too much stress on homeschooling families. The best thing you can do is: do what is best for you and your family. You got this! Get more done in your homeschool with the free printable homeschool planner so you can stay on top of your homeschool day. Bring peace into your day and know what each child has to finish for the day.

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