Whale Activities for Kids

Do you have kids who love learning about the ocean? These whale activities for kids are perfect for keeping them engaged and learning while they have fun.

These activities are designed to be educational and entertaining, so your child can learn about whales while playing games and completing crafts.

I know it can be tough to find time to do everything, so let me help you out. With these whale-themed activities, you can easily keep your child occupied and learning without having to spend hours planning and preparing something yourself.

Plus, the materials you need are ready to be downloaded or probably available in your house – so you don’t even have to go shopping!

Like these whale ideas? See this list of amazing ocean activities for kids.

Try these whale activities today and get started on some fun learning!

Whale Activities for Kids

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Why is it important to learn about whales?

Most people are fascinated by whales and for good reason. They are amazing creatures and we can learn a lot of things from them.

These massive creatures have an incredible life cycle, spending their early years in the warm waters of the tropics before migrating to the colder regions of the world.

Whales play an important role in the ecosystem and are also excellent at working together as a team, which is something we can all aspire to. And of course, they are just really fun to watch!

Is your child a fan of whales? Have a look at these cool whale books for kids, they’ll love the engaging whale stories and learning more about these majestic creatures.

The Snail and the WhaleThe Snail and the WhaleHumphrey the Lost Whale: A True StoryHumphrey the Lost Whale: A True StoryWhales: The Gentle Giants (Step into Reading)Whales: The Gentle Giants (Step into Reading)Big Whales, Small WorldBig Whales, Small WorldIf I Were a WhaleIf I Were a WhaleThe Heart of a WhaleThe Heart of a Whale


Grab this Underwater Magic Play Dough Sensory Kit and let your kids discover the different ocean creatures like starfish, octopus, fish, whales, and more! You can also get this Whale Button Craft Kit to keep your kindergartener busy improving his creativity.

Underwater Magic Play Dough Sensory Kit
Whale Button Craft Kit

Whale Activities for Kids

Homeschooling parents can use whale-themed activities to teach their children about these amazing animals. It can be a great way to add some hands-on learning to your science curriculum.

So if you’re looking for a homeschool lesson or two, or just some whale-themed activities to enjoy, I’m sharing with you some great ideas. It’s an enlightening and enjoyable experience. Plus, these whale-themed activities are not just for kids – even adults can enjoy them.

Whale Books for Toddlers

Put your flippers on and let’s dive into the vast ocean with these magnificent beasts through colorful picture books with heartwarming stories about whales!

Whale Books for Preschoolers

Take your child into different aquatic adventures with their favorite marine giants while polishing their reading skills at home!

Whale Paper Plate Craft

Let your child have an interesting afternoon with not just their favorite marine giant, but also learning about its habitat with this fun and creative whale paper plate craft activity.

Whale Crafts for Preschoolers

Get your kids excited about learning with these adorable and easy-to-make craft ideas that are sure to engage their imaginations.

Blue Fluffy Slime: Whale Theme

Are you ready for some slimy fun play? I have here a slime recipe that is perfect for your whale science lesson.

Whale Activities for Preschoolers

From arts and crafts to songs and experiments, I’ve got a whole ocean of fun waiting for you. These activities will totally make your homeschool ocean lesson fun and exciting!

Whale Activities for Kindergarten

Kindergarteners will enjoy these activities about whales packed with printables, coloring pages, and whale crafts!

Books About Whales for Kids

Don’t forget to include these great whale books on your reading list. They’ll learn a lot of things about whales and their life cycle.

Jonah and the Whale Craft by Meaningful Mama

If you’re looking for an exciting way to teach the story of Jonah and the big fish. Here’s what you can do.

Paper Plate Whale by In The Playroom

Whale activities for kids are not complete without some paper plate whales! They are too cute and easy to do.

Whale Activities for Kids

Fun Whale Printables

Whales Worksheets for Kids

Have fun learning about whales with these worksheets that teaches kids about the different kinds of whales.

Free Whale Printables

These printables are perfect for kids who want to learn about how whales are different or similar to other sea creatures by knowing their body parts.

Whale Crafts for Elementary Students

Older kids will enjoy making these cute whale crafts! Try these during your homeschool whale lesson.

Whale Coloring Pages by Easy Peasy and Fun

Let your kids unleash their creativity and put colors to these cute whale pictures.

Have you made up your mind about what whale activities are perfect for your child? What are you waiting for? Just jump on board and learn all there is to know about these fascinating creatures of the sea.

More Ocean Activities

Need even more ocean ideas? Try one of these.

Ocean Lacing Cards

Ocean Counting Mats

Ocean Sensory Bin Activity for Kids

Free Under the Sea Coloring Pages

Ocean and Sea Animals Coloring Pages by Easy Peasy and Fun

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