Whale Worksheets for Kids

There is such a wide variety of whales that it’s amazing to see these large creatures actually live in our oceans. Find out more about whales with these fun whale worksheets for kids.

If you are looking for more activities with a whale theme, you must see my awesome list of Whale Activities for Kids.

There are two Whale Worksheets for Kids on the table

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Fun Whale Facts

The blue whale, the largest whale of all, can grow to over 30m. There are whales that like to live in the cold Arctic like the narwhal or beluga whales.

There are whales of different sizes, those that are toothed or baleen whales. Baleen whales take large gulps of water and filter the water through their baleen, a bristle-like structure, that traps small fish and krill.

Did you know the killer whale isn’t a whale? It’s a dolphin, they like to live in social groups called pods. And help each other to hunt prey.

Whales may eat things as small as krill to other whales, they are carnivores.

Ocean lovers will love learning about these giant majestic creatures.

Recommended Whale Books for Kids

Want to see what a real whale looks like? Grab one of these amazing whale books, your ocean lover will be so excited to see these magnificent giant creatures.

Whales: Amazing Pictures & Fun Facts on Animals in NatureWhales: Amazing Pictures & Fun Facts on Animals in NatureA Whale of a Tale!A Whale of a Tale!If I Were a WhaleIf I Were a WhaleDK Eyewitness Books: WhaleDK Eyewitness Books: WhaleThe Snail and the Whale Activity BookThe Snail and the Whale Activity BookWhales: An Illustrated CelebrationWhales: An Illustrated Celebration


Whale Worksheets Supplies

There are 3-part cards for vocabulary, writing, and identifying whale worksheets for your kids to get to know more whales.

There are two Whale Worksheets for Kids on the table

Recommended Ocean Worksheets

Little Learners Print & Go Math Kit: Ocean

Is your child ready to count? Use this ocean math worksheet pack to encourage their number skills! With adorable ocean creatures, counting will be fun.

Ocean Counting Worksheet

Ocean counting is an activity that kids will enjoy, while also learning important math lessons. With this Ocean Counting Worksheet, your child can explore the wonders and beauty of the ocean by counting up starfish, whales, and seahorses!

Recommended Whale Toys

Get out a water bin and have a ton of fun with these whales, a perfect sensory activity and excuse to cool down.

Simulated Ocean Big Animal (Killer Whale)Simulated Ocean Big Animal (Killer Whale)Skillmatics Educational Game: Sharks, Whales & MoreSkillmatics Educational Game: Sharks, Whales & More2022 New Pool Toys Remote Control Whale Shark Toys RC Boat2022 New Pool Toys Remote Control Whale Shark Toys RC BoatRealistic Sperm Whale Plush ToyRealistic Sperm Whale Plush ToyBouncy Pals Kids Whale Hopper Ball. Inflatable Plush Bouncing Animal W/ PumpBouncy Pals Kids Whale Hopper Ball. Inflatable Plush Bouncing Animal W/ PumpBoon CHOMP Toddler Sensory Bath Tub Whale Toy for KidsBoon CHOMP Toddler Sensory Bath Tub Whale Toy for Kids


Whales Worksheets for Kids

Try these fun ocean activities for kids to extend their learning.

Kindergarteners will love these whale activities. Perfect for early learners who love whales!

To extend this activity, take out your favorite whale books, and watch a good ocean documentary to learn more about whales. Build your own ocean diorama, create ocean sensory bins or research your favorite whale.

Download the Whale Worksheets for Kids below

Print out these whale worksheets to identify different types of whales that live in the ocean. Kids will enjoy learning about these cool ocean animals.

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