Valentine’s Day Multiplication Worksheets

This Valentine’s Day, I am sharing these Valentine’s Day Multiplication Worksheets that are great if you’d like to take a break from your regular math curriculum.

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Now keep reading to get my newest printable! These pages are designed to help your child sharpen their multiplication skills while also enjoying the Valentine’s Day festivities. With cute heart designs and fun Valentine’s Day themes, these worksheets are sure to be a fun addition to any child’s homeschooling experience!

Valentine's Day Multiplication Worksheets

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These Valentine’s Day Counting Mats have numbers, pictures, and dots to show them all the ways that they can see and process numbers.

Valentine’s Day Counting Cards and Puzzles

Not only are they a great tool for practicing counting, but completing the puzzles together allows you to spend some quality time with the special someone in your life.

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Valentine's Day Multiplication Worksheets

Valentine’s Day Multiplication Worksheets Supplies

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Recommended Valentine’s Day Activity Kits

Valentine’s Day Color by Addition Worksheets

Practice addition skills up to 20 with these fun Valentine’s Day color-by-number addition worksheets. A fun way to add math to your school day without boring math worksheets. Instead, figure out what picture will unfold after you color in each space.

Valentine’s Day Foam Crafts Set

Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to get crafty! Grab this craft kit for your child and let their creativity run wild!

Valentine's Day Multiplication Worksheets

What’s included in the Valentine’s Day Multiplication Worksheets?

Let’s dive into each activity in more detail.

Solve and Color activity

In this activity, children must solve the equation and then color the heart according to the color code. It is designed to help improve children’s problem-solving skills while also providing a fun and colorful outlet for creativity.

Cupid Loves 300

Next, children must cut out the equations, solve them, and then sort them for Cupid. The goal is to determine whether the product is equal to 300 or not. This activity is not only engaging, but it also helps develop critical thinking and sorting skills.

Valentine's Day Multiplication Worksheets

Valentine Multiplication

The Valentine Multiplication activity is designed to help children work out multiplication number sentences using a table. Each Valentine’s Day picture represents a number, and children must use the table to determine the multiplication number sentence before filling in the answer in the box provided.

This activity is both challenging and rewarding for children, helping them improve their multiplication skills.

Valentine Multiplication Word Problems

The last activity is designed to help children apply their newfound multiplication skills to real-life situations. This activity presents children with word problems that require the use of multiplication to solve.

Children must read the problem and then use their knowledge of multiplication to solve it. This activity is an excellent way to help children learn how to use math in practical situations.

Valentine's Day Multiplication Worksheets

These Valentine’s Day math printables are the perfect way to make homeschooling both fun and educational.

Whether it’s the Solve and Color or Cupid Loves 300 activity, each activity is designed to improve children’s math skills while also providing an outlet for creativity.

So, this Valentine’s Day, give your kids a gift they’ll love – the gift of learning!

Download the Valentine’s Day Multiplication Worksheets below

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