Valentine’s Day Skip Counting Puzzles

The kids will have so much fun with these Valentine’s Day Skip Counting Puzzles! They’re fun puzzles to put together and work on counting as well. Skip counting is a great activity for early learners!

With this being Valentine’s Day themed, they’re perfect for the month of February! Print them out and let them get to work! They’ll have so much fun with these fun printables!

Have these printed off for the kids to do anytime that they work during the time! It’s so much fun to combine learning and fun!

Be sure to check out my Valentine’s Day Printables for Kids for even more fun ideas.

valentine's day skip counting puzzles

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Valentine’s Day Skip Counting Puzzles

I had so much fun making these puzzles! They’re just so bright and cute and perfect to get in the Valentine’s Day spirit! Since I’m always trying to find fun activities and puzzles for the kids, why not just go ahead and make my own?

When you can print off your own puzzles and combine them with learning? Why wouldn’t you? We have had so much fun with these skip counting puzzles and I think that your kids will love doing them as well!

Recommended Valentine’s Day Books for Kids

Do you know what else goes great with puzzles and skip counting? Books! But as you well know, books go well with just about anything! You can flip through the pages with the kids and read great stories at the same time.

Even if you have kids that can’t read quite yet, don’t let that stop you! Looking at pictures and letting the kids read through the pages is such a great activity. We’ve been flipping through books long before the kids could actually read!

One of my favorite book ideas is to have us all sit down as a family and read together. No matter what time of day, or what we’re doing, stopping and just opening up a book is such a great bonding activity.

We try to do this at least once or twice a month and we all have a blast! The kids have their own stack of books and I have mine and we just sit in silence turning the pages. Sometimes we talk about our books, sometimes we don’t – and it’s always just so nice and relaxing.

During February, Valentine’s books are the perfect way to get into the holiday spirit. Below are just a few fun options but there are always so many more!

Harvey The Heart Had Too Many Farts: A Rhyming Read Aloud Story Book For Kids And Adults About Farting and Friendship, A Valentine's Day Gift For Boys ... (Fart Dictionaries and Toot Along Stories)Harvey The Heart Had Too Many Farts: A Rhyming Read Aloud Story Book For Kids And Adults About Farting and Friendship, A Valentine’s Day Gift For Boys … (Fart Dictionaries and Toot Along Stories)If You Give a Mouse a Valentine’s Day CookieIf You Give a Mouse a Valentine’s Day CookieLove from the CrayonsLove from the CrayonsI'll Love You Till the Cows Come HomeI’ll Love You Till the Cows Come HomeThe Invisible StringThe Invisible StringLove MonsterLove Monster


Want a fun ready to go Valentine’s kit that will delight your kids? Grab one of these craft or play dough kits from Etsy. They’re super adorable and a great way for new play ideas at home!

Printing off these cute skip counting puzzles makes for a super fun activity. Not only can the kids help with the cutting process but they’ll be able to put them back together over and over again.

skip counting puzzles

Why is skip counting an important learning lesson for kids?

It can be so hard to figure out what to focus on teaching the kids. But skip counting is a great activity to really work their brains. Learning how to count from 1-10 is a perfect starting point and then the next leap is to skip count!

This helps them learn how to count by two’s but if they find that they’re stuck – they can then use the puzzles as a clue as to what number would come next.

Just like most learning, repetition is where it’s at!

puzzles for valentine's day

The Importance of Early Learning Printables

We love printables. Learning printables are a fun learning lesson that gives the kids options on how to learn at their own pace. Not only that but they can take their time and get confidence in their ability to learn on their own.

Since there are so many fun printables out there to choose from, you can really make a fun learning packet for the kids. Print off one or find more and have a blast watching the learn at their own pace.

skip counting puzzles

Don’t forget to get your free skip counting puzzle below. This is one cute printable that is Valentine’s Day-themed that is really fun to do!

Just click, print, and have a blast. You can even have this activity printed and ready for them. It’s a great way to start the day with a little bit of learning. Once they get started with one, they can work their way down and do the rest as well.

It’ll be so fun to see them create and finish the puzzles! Then you’ll have to ask them which one they liked putting together the best.

More Valentine’s Day Activities

Now that you have fun activities on the brain for Valentine’s Day, keep them going! The following are all really fun to do too! We have so many fun activities and these are just a few below! Show the kids and let them pick what they want to do! Any and all learning is a great idea! Working together is the best!

Valentine STEM Activities

If your kids love STEM activities, you must try these Valentine STEM Activities packed with exciting science experiments, slime recipes, engineering a structure challenge, and more!

Simple Valentine’s Day Slime Recipe

There is always time to make slime! Use this simple slime recipe as a fun way to engage with the kids. They can even join in and make the slime, too! Add it to a container with a lid or a sealable bag so that the slime stays fresh.

Valentine’s Day Science Experiments

You can easily spend all day making fun experiments! When the kids are wanting fun activities to do, why wait? Go down the list of suggestions and let them pick where to start!

Valentine’s Day Bingo Cards

It’s time for some BINGO fun! This is a great game for the family to play together. All you have to do is print and find some fun prizes for the winner to have! Coins, extra screen time, candy, and treats are all good prizes.

Valentine’s Day Math Activities

Valentine’s day is a perfect time to practice your child’s math skills. Find out what fun and engaging Valentine’s day math activities are perfect for their math practice.

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