Must-try Valentine’s Day Activities for Kids

Are you looking for some super fun Valentine’s Day Activities for Kids? I’ve got some great activities just for that! Below are a wide variety of fun activities for the kids that will have them loving being creative right at home!

Valentine’s Day is such a fun day for the kids so why not have some fun activities leading up to the day? These activities will have them busy and excited for the day! You can use these during schooltime or as a fun way to pass the weekend as well. I’m all about offering the kids choices that are creative AND fun!

Don’t forget to space out the activities so that they last! Or just do them on repeat over and over again!

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Valentine's Day activities for kids

It’s no surprise that we do theme learning in our house. It’s a way to plan ahead and have fun doing so. Since we’re huge fans of Valentine’s Day, we love having all of our favorite activities listed out and ready to go.

I hope that you’ll have fun with the kids doing these fun activities, too. They’re geared for all different ages and are a fun way to challenge them.

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Recommended Valentine’s Day Books for Kids

Below you’ll see some of our favorite books for Valentine’s Day as well. Can we all just agree that there are so many great reads for this day? I’ve found myself sitting down and going through them all, too!

A fun way to get the kids to read more is to alter activities and books. This is as simple as doing an activity and then having the kids sit down and read a book. You can also have them work on their reading skills as well by having them read the book out loud.

Or you and the kids can take turns reading pages and talk about what you love. There are so many bright colors and illustrations in the books below that you’re not going to want to miss out on them!

Llama Llama I Love YouLlama Llama I Love YouThe Valentine BearsThe Valentine BearsPinkalicious: Pink of HeartsPinkalicious: Pink of HeartsLove from The Very Hungry Caterpillar (The World of Eric Carle)Love from The Very Hungry Caterpillar (The World of Eric Carle)Love Is My Favorite ThingLove Is My Favorite ThingThere Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Rose!There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Rose!


Simple Valentine Heart Toddler Activity

The little ones will love this fun heart activity! You can have them work on their scissor skills by cutting out some hearts and then use their fine motor skills to use those tiny hearts to make a bigger heart!

So much fun to be had! You can also have them color the hearts or even work on their counting skills, too.

Heart Coloring Pages

Spend this Valentine’s Day with your kids and do this fun Heart Coloring Pages! This will enhance their motor skills and improve their patience. A great addition to your homeschool Valentine’s day printables.

Valentine’s Day Slime recipe

There’s always time for slime! There’s no doubt that kids of all ages LOVE making slime and this one is a simple slime recipe to do. They’ll be able to have sensory play and messy play and will love to be a part of creating it.

Red Heart Slime Recipe

More slime, please! It never fails that we forget to put a lid on our slime or just realize that with more kids, we need more slime. This is why I have a few slime recipes for the kids! They’re different slimes and so much fun!

Don’t want to put your own Valentine’s day kit together yourself? Grab one of these ready to go Valentine’s sensory kit that will delight your kids.

Fizzy Heart Science Experiment

Fizzy STEM activities are always a hit! This is a great way to introduce a simple science experiment with the kids and have them be a part of the process.

This is one that once they do it once, they’re going to be able to do it over and over!

Valentine’s Treasure Dig

Sensory play is great for dexterity and imagination as well. I also love that it doesn’t take a lot of supplies to set up a treasure dig and it’s something that can be stored and pulled out at different points in time during the day.

Valentine’s Day Toddler Activities

This list of toddler activities will give you even more fun ideas! When there are things for kids to do, why limit them?!

Valentine Math Activities for Kindergarten

Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to combine fun and hands-on learning into your homeschool lesson plans. Check out these simple Valentine math activities for kindergarten.

Valentine’s Day Activities for Elementary Students

Your kids will be full of excitement on their faces as they work on these Valentine’s projects and experiments while also learning valuable skills like creativity, STEM, fine motor skills, and problem-solving.

Valentine Activities for Kindergarten

If you’re looking for a fun way to keep your kindergartener busy, this list of activities is perfect for you.

Heart Jelly bean structure STEM Challenge

Talk about a great way to use up some of that Valentine’s Day candy while pairing it with a bit of learning, too. The kids will have a blast with this and maybe even snack a bit along the way.

Dancing Hearts Experiment

Show the kids some “magic” with this fun experiment using conservation hearts. While most times these get eaten and gobbled up quickly in our house, the kids do love saving a few for this fun activity.

Growing Gummy Hearts Experiment

How big can they grow? This is what this experiment is all about! Have the kids tell you what they think is going to happen and then have them document what really happens. This is a fun way to introduce them to a hypothesis.

Melting Conversation Hearts Experiment

This activity is always a hit. How long will it take for the hearts to melt away? Who will guess correctly? This is a fun activity to help with critical thinking skills as well as observation skills, too!

Valentine’s Day Science Activities

Your homeschool science lessons during Valentine’s season will be so awesome with these Valentine’s Day Science Activities.

Valentine Books for Preschool

Looking for some good reads about Valentine’s day? These heart-filled books about love and friendship are perfect for your little one!

Kindergarten Valentine’s Day Books

Check out this Valentine’s Day-themed reading list for Kindergarteners! Great choices for early readers!

Valentine’s Day Math Activities

Valentine’s day is a perfect time to practice your child’s math skills. Find out what fun and engaging Valentine’s day math activities are perfect for their math practice.

Heart Activities for Toddlers

These heart activities are super simple and fun! Perfect for toddlers’ little hands!

Simple Heart Experiments

Looking for a way to incorporate science and Valentine’s Day? Here is a list of simple experiments that are Valentine’s Day-themed!

Valentine’s Day Cutting Activities

Let your little ones practice their cutting skills with these Valentine’s day cutting activities. You’ll love how these activities will help with their fine motor skills, focus, and control.

Popsicle Stick Heart Craft

You will definitely love to try this colorful popsicle stick heart craft with your little one who is just learning how to count! It allows kids to have a number sequencing practice in a fun way!

DIY Heart Bubble Wands

Check out these cute heart bubble wands! It’s a must-try craft for Valentine’s day or any day your little one feels like doing it!

Valentine’s Day Word Search Printable

Your child will love this word search printable packed with words related to Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day Books for Elementary Students

Elementary-grade kids deserve great Valentine’s Day Books too! I have here the list of the best books for your child.

Valentine STEM Activities for Kindergarten

STEM activities are always fun so if you want Valentine’s Day to be fun and exciting for your child, grab your supplies and try these activities this day of hearts!

Valentine’s Day Multiplication Worksheets

Don’t forget to let kids practice their math skills this Valentine’s Day. Grab these multiplication worksheets so your kids will have fun.

Free Valentine’s Day Pack by 3 Dinosaurs

Needing some more fun activities for Valentine’s Day? Check out this fun pack of ideas! You can never have too many on hand and this is full of a ton of them!

Paper Bag Dog Valentine Craft by Homeschool Preschool

This is too cute to pass up! You’re going to love seeing the kids create this adorable little puppy!

I also think that this would be fun for a birthday party or a fun craft to do with the kids on a long weekend.

Valentine’s Day Lava Lamp Science Experiment by STEAMsational

This is a really unique STEM activity and so much fun. The kids can easily do this with parental help and be so proud that they created their very own lava lamp!

The more STEM activities that the kids can do, the better! Make sure to add this one to the top of your list! It’s such a fun one to do.

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