Toddler Weekly Calendar Printable

Check out this great Toddler Weekly Calendar Printable! It’s the perfect way to organize the day with all the activities going on!

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I’m a mom that likes to plan. I said it and don’t regret it. And even though I like to plan, there’s truth to the fact that my mom’s calendar tends to bleed and run into each other and get pretty dang full and confusing as well. I love having a planner dedicated to just my toddler activities that I want to plan out for the week.

This simple organizational method and printable is a fun way to break it down per kid and keep everything separate that you’re wanting to get done.

It’s amazing the amount of stress that you can take off your plate just by a bit of planning and prepping.

Toddler Weekly Calendar Printable

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Toddler Weekly Calendar Printable

It’s stressful thinking about everything that needs to get done during the week. And I say this fully knowing that if you have multiple kids, it can be double the stress. What I’ve found when I’m feeling this is way is that it’s nice to have something to fall back on when I need to take a step back and get organized.

I’ve been using some sort of planner for as long as I can remember and I LOVE knowing that I have multiple things that can keep me organized. Some people like the digital options while others like the printable ones. Me? I’ll take them all!

One thing that I’ve learned as my mom’s years have passed is that every year that the kids get older is another year that everything changes. Sounds kind of logical, right? But even though I know it’s coming and happening it doesn’t stop me from feeling surprised every time it does.

I used to try and balance it all in my head but I’m over that now. I’ve forgotten too many things, left out too many events, and just overall felt like a jumbled mess. This is why printables and schedules such as this are my new best friend.

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toddler weekly calendar printable

The Importance of Staying Organized

There are many reasons to stay organized in life and my sanity is probably at the top. I really feel a calmness about myself when I know what’s going on.

I’m also old school in the fact that I still love to write things down. There’s just something about putting it down on paper and pencil that helps it stick better in my mind. Don’t get me wrong – I still have alerts and other things on my phone as well but my handy dandy planner is always with me in my binder, my bag, or my lap.

What I’ve found is that when I stay organized, I’m more productive. Plain and simple. There isn’t a ton of things that I miss, although I’m human and I still do miss some things. But for the most part, my planners are like having a personal assistant without actually having to pay.

toddler printable schedule

How to use this Toddler Weekly Calendar Schedule

The best part about having a printable schedule for kids such as this one is that you can easily use this as you want. It’s broken down into two different formats that give you options that work for you.

Plan out your days

The life of a toddler is quite busy! You can easily find out that you’re planning out activities for your toddler that take up a ton of time or that you need to find things to supplement for more activities.

What you’ll find is that you are going to see just how busy you are. And if you aren’t as busy as you want, you can easily fill up the schedule to add more.

I love using this in both ways because it lets me see if I’m overloading on certain days or overloading at certain times of the day. It just helps to keep a balance that works well for everyone in the family.

Add in downtime for the family

Another thing that I’ve realized is that sometimes when you over plan, it can have a negative effect. This printable shows me that when it’s happening and allows me to scale back and limit a few outings. No matter what, it shows me what we’ve got going on. This is a great way to limit and address running the kids ragged.

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Teaching Kids the importance of planning

The other big plus about this planner is that it’s a great example for the kids. When they ask what we’re doing for the day or what we have planned for school, I can whip out this printable and let them see. We then spend time reading it, going over it, and altering it as we need to.

This makes it super simple to show them that organization is important and start to instill that in them at a very early age. You can even let them use a section to draw a picture of something that they want to do or get done that day, too! This will give them a voice and a choice and that is so important for kids to know!

Don’t forget to print out your Toddler Weekly Calendar Schedule below!


Stay organized and get more done with less stress by planning out your week ahead for your toddler.


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    I can’t wait to hear how you use this schedule and printable. Make certain to share your ideas and say what works for you. Because when we’re in this parenting thing together, it’s so great to share ideas and things that work. (or not!)

    This schedule printable is a great way to plan homeschooling lessons, outings, events, and fun craft ideas and activities as well. You’ll love being able to put things out there on a calendar so that you can make certain that they get done.

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