Simple Spider Craft

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Do your kids love spiders? My daughter doesn’t but since we made The Very Busy Spider craft, she’s been asking to make more spider crafts so I had to oblige. She’s my girly girl, so bugs don’t really appeal to her. This was a nice surprise and my son didn’t want to join in, which was surprising since he loves bugs.

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I didn’t want to make a big mess so we made this simple spider craft. It was such a huge hit and was actually really fun to do together.

My daughter is the first to squeal when there’s a fly near her so maybe these bug crafts will help her get over bugs. Oh well, I don’t really like them either but they do catch flies, which I  hate, so I let them be.

Not only did we enjoy working on this simple spider craft but it gave us a chance to talk about spiders and just open up those lines of communication as well. I’m always amazed by her communication skills and how she views the world! And craft time is a great way to slow down and enjoy.

You have to try this Simple Spider Craft with your toddler or preschooler, it's such an easy activity and they have fun creating a craft on their own

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Simple Spider Craft

My boys are all about bugs and rescue them all. Making their own spider craft and to their own taste is right up their alley!

The boys have a different view on the world of spiders so they aren’t as worried by them as my daughter. Regardless, they loved this hands-on craft as well. And it was fun to see how each of the spiders turned out differently as each child added in their own touch.

Simple Spider Craft Supplies

The great part about this spider craft is that it’s crazy simple to do. You just need to gather up a few supples to get started.

  • Black construction paper and another color for the background
  • Scissors
  • White Glue
  • Googly Eyes
  • beads
  • Sequins
  • foam shapes (optional)

I cut out the body and strips of black for my daughter, I placed the strips on top of each other and folded them in an accordion style. My daughter glued them body and legs onto her piece of construction paper.

She then decided she wanted to paint it and mixed all the colors together and made a black. I gave her googly eyes to glue onto her spider. I was going to stop there but she grabbed my stash of sequins and shapes and glued those on as well.

She loved this part and she was having fun so I wasn’t going to stop her, it’s her creative project. We let it dry and she took pictures of her creation, can you tell she’s going to be a blogger when she grows up.

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Pair this craft with your favorite spider book to inspire your child’s creativity. See how many different colors and types of spiders there are.

Reading about things that your child might be worried about as well can be a great way to help calm some of the fears. There are a lot of great spider books that you can easily use as a fun learning resource, too.

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simple spider craft

See how cute and fun spider craft is! Look at all that fun bling!

Thank you for visiting our Simple Spider Craft post! I can’t wait to see what you’ve done with this fun craft activity.

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