Spider Life Cycle Craft

Does your child love spiders? Then this spider life cycle craft is perfect for them! Not only will it allow them to express their creativity, but it’ll also teach them about the life cycle of spiders.

They’ll have fun making each part of the spider and putting it all together – watching as their creation comes alive.

If your kids enjoy learning about spiders, make sure to take a look at this list of fun spider activities for kids!

This simple and straightforward DIY project can be done with few resources, which makes it great even on a budget.

Plus, once they complete the project they’ll get bragging rights among their family and friends when they show off their finished product.

Spider Life Cycle Craft

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Why are spiders important in the ecosystem?

Spiders may seem scary to kids – and even adults – but they are an essential part of the ecosystem!

Between eating insects, pollinating, and providing shelter, spiders help create a balanced environment. Through their predatory behavior, spiders actually reduce pest populations which helps keep plants healthy.

Rather than thinking of spiders as pesky insects, we should recognize how impactful they are in maintaining harmony in our natural world. What an incredible creature!

Spider Life Cycle Craft

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Spider Life Cycle Craft

Spider Life Cycle Craft Supplies

Spider Life Cycle Craft

Spider Life Cycle Craft Instructions

Grab your materials and let’s get started with this spider life cycle craft!

Cut a circle on orange construction paper. Make sure to be careful when using the scissors! Attach it to the paper plate.

Then place pink beads on the paper plate.

Spider Life Cycle Craft

Next, draw a spider web, the white cotton balls on top of the spider web you drew, then place pink beads on top.

For the spiderlings, paint on the brown beads and connect two pairs using the glue stick. Make two more so that you can create three pairs of those.

Spider Life Cycle Craft

Using black construction paper cut out six small rectangular figures to look like spider legs. You can then attach these to the black beads.

To make the adult spider, cut out three black circles then, cut out a bigger rectangular figure for the legs.

Spider Life Cycle Craft

Finally, you can label the following parts of the life cycle and draw the arrows to complete the craft!

Spider Life Cycle Craft

Spider Life Cycle Craft

Prep Time: 5 minutes
Active Time: 20 minutes
Total Time: 25 minutes
Difficulty: Easy
Estimated Cost: $10

Grab your crafting materials and make this spider life cycling craft! This super simple craft will make your kids cultivate a love for spiders.


  • Acrylic paint (Black)
  • Construction papers (Orange and black)
  • Paintbrush
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Marker
  • Beads (Pink and brown)
  • White cotton balls
  • Paper plate


    1. Get the orange construction paper and cut a circle shape for the background of the paper plate.
    2. On the upper portion of the paper plate, place pink beads.
    3. On the upper right corner of the plate, draw a spider web with a marker and attach the slightly shredded white cotton on top of it and place pink beads directly on top of the cotton.
    4. With the black acrylic paint, color the brown beads then connect two of the beads together using glue. Make three of those.
    5. To create the legs of the spiderlings, cut six rectangular figures using black construction paper. cut three vertical lines without meeting the ends and slightly fold in the middle and attach them to the black beads then place them on the lower part of the paper plate.
    6. Using black construction paper, cut three circles decreasing in size and cut out larger legs just like how we did on the last step. Assemble them to represent an adult spider and place it on the left side of the paper plate.
    7. Now that you have the diagram, complete it by labeling the parts! Enjoy learning about the spider life cycle craft!


  1. Be careful of using scissors and paint.
  2. Choose the proper materials to achieve the aspired outcome.
  3. Let your creativity flow in your work!

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As you can see, the spider’s life cycle craft is a great way for kids to learn how spiders grow. With the help of just construction paper, beads, and glue, this craft can foster lifelong memories of learning about arachnids, leading to a love of bugs later on!

At the end of it, your child will have an amazing craft that’ll look wonderful in their room or on a windowsill.

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