Sharks and Whales Venn Diagram

Are you ready to find out more about marine life? This printable Sharks and Whales Venn Diagram is the perfect tool for exploring the similarities and differences between these fascinating ocean giants.

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With the fun and easy-to-use diagram you can download for free, you can compare the characteristics of sharks and whales side by side. Every ocean lover will enjoy this printable, which will make learning about sharks and whales super fun!

two pages of my Sharks and Whales Venn Diagram printable placed on a blue table

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What are the differences between sharks and whales?

Species Classification

  • Sharks: Fish
  • Whales: Mammals


  • Sharks: Cartilaginous skeleton
  • Whales: Bony skeleton


  • Sharks: Gills
  • Whales: Lungs

Skin Texture

  • Sharks: Rough, sandpaper-like skin made of dermal denticles
  • Whales: Smooth skin with a layer of blubber underneath for insulation


  • Sharks: Lay eggs or give birth to live young, with minimal parental care
  • Whales: Give birth to live young and provide extensive parental care

Size Range

  • Sharks: Range from a few inches to around 40 feet (e.g., the whale shark)
  • Whales: Range from around 9 feet (e.g., the dwarf sperm whale) to over 90 feet (e.g., the blue whale)


  • Sharks: Carnivorous, feeding mainly on fish, marine mammals, and plankton in some species
  • Whales: Diverse diets ranging from plankton and small fish (baleen whales) to squid and marine mammals (toothed whales)

Social Behavior

  • Sharks: Mostly solitary, with some species forming brief aggregations
  • Whales: Highly social, often living in pods with complex social structures

By understanding these key differences, you’ll appreciate the unique qualities that make sharks and whales truly fascinating creatures of the sea!

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Sharks and Whales Venn Diagram on a table

Sharks and Whales Venn Diagram Supplies

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Junior Scientist Science Study: Sharks

This printable pack has 111 pages of exciting fun facts about sharks, illustrations and full-color pictures, coloring pages, puzzles, and more!

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These meticulously designed worksheets are crafted to help children develop a deeper understanding of these majestic marine mammals and the important role they play in our ecosystem.

a blank Sharks and Whales Venn Diagram

What’s included in the Sharks and Whales Venn Diagram printable?

The Sharks and Whales Venn Diagram Printable Pack is an exciting and interactive way for kids to better understand marine life. This 3-page pack includes:

Complete Venn Diagram:

The first page showcases a fully completed Venn Diagram. This diagram serves as a reference, with all similarities and differences between sharks and whales clearly outlined, making it a perfect learning tool for understanding the characteristics of these ocean giants.

Blank Venn Diagram:

The second page features a blank Venn Diagram for kids to fill in themselves. This interactive activity encourages children to think critically about the information and identify where each characteristic belongs.

Cut-and-Paste Labels:

The third page includes labels with various characteristics of sharks and whales. Kids can cut out these labels and paste them into the correct sections of the blank Venn Diagram. This hands-on activity makes learning fun and reinforces the knowledge they’ve gained.

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labels for the Sharks and Whales Venn Diagram

With this Sharks and Whales Venn Diagram worksheet, kids will enjoy comparing and contrasting sharks and whales, making learning engaging and memorable! Grab your copy now!

Download the Sharks and Whales Venn Diagram Below

Print out this shark and whale page to see how these amazing ocean creatures compare.

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