Salmon Life Cycle Worksheet

Here is a fun salmon life cycle worksheet that your kids will enjoy.

Did you know that salmon can live up to seven years? And that they can travel hundreds of miles upstream in order to lay their eggs? This worksheet will teach your child all about the amazing life cycle of the salmon.

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salmon life cycle worksheet

Salmon are fascinating creatures, they are born in freshwater but also live in the ocean. This means they are anadromous.

Salmon females lay their eggs in streams or rivers, they develop in gravel over the winter. Their eggs hatch and the alevin form of salmon with it’s large yolk sac is born. The fry can stay up to a year in the stream or river it was born in.

When it grows large enough to become it’s silver form called a smolt, they head out to the ocean where they stay until they become adults. When they’re ready to reproduce, they head back to the streams or rivers to mate or lay their eggs.

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These awesome books are a perfect complement to the Salmon Life Cycle Worksheet. They’ll be excited to learn about this fish and the stages of their life cycle.

Run Salmon RunRun Salmon RunSalmon StreamSalmon StreamSalmon Matters: How a Fish Feeds a ForestSalmon Matters: How a Fish Feeds a ForestThe Magic School Bus Goes Upstream: A Book About Salmon MigrationThe Magic School Bus Goes Upstream: A Book About Salmon MigrationSalmon (Kids Can Press Wildlife Series)Salmon (Kids Can Press Wildlife Series)Silly Sam The Super SalmonSilly Sam The Super Salmon


What’s in the life cycle of a salmon worksheet?

There are three pages of printables. You can decide to have your child write in the labels or for younger kids, they can cut out the pictures and the words and glue it onto the worksheet.

After completing this worksheet, your child will have a better understanding of one of nature’s most fascinating creatures.

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salmon life cycle worksheet

Worksheet supplies

How to print the salmon life cycle worksheet

I have the HP printer 8710 but it’s not available anymore. It’s still running well for years now. Look for another HP Instant Ink ready printer so that you can use their program to send you ink cartridges whenever your printer gets low on ink.

life cycle of a salmon worksheet

Have a great playtime while learning about the salmon life cycle with these awesome toys for kids. Pair it up with our Salmon Life Cycle Worksheets and you’ll have a fun homeschool science lesson. The good thing about these toys is that you can even use them in other learning activities like a sensory bin.

wooden salmon life cycle model toys
wooden salmon life cycle tray

To extend this activity, you can cut out the pictures onto index cards and write more information about each stage of the life cycle. You can mix and match the pictures and labels and see if your child can put them in order again. Add your favorite salmon books, and documentaries, and cook a meal with salmon to dive deeper.

salmon life cycle worksheet

Help them learn more about these fish by visiting a local aquarium or if you’re lucky to be near the coast a stream or river where you can see salmon in their natural habitat.

If you’re studying the ocean, fish or animals, you’ll want to add these to your science lesson plans.

Download the salmon life cycle worksheet below

Print out these life cycle of a salmon worksheet to learn more about each stage of the salmon life cycle.

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