Penguin Life Cycle for Kids

Don’t miss out on this Penguin Life Cycle for Kids! This activity is a great way to help the kids learn all about these adorable birds! The more fun facts that you can introduce to them, the more that they’ll want to learn even more about penguins.

You’ll love these other penguin activities for kids.

We do a lot of life cycle learning at home because I find that it’s so interesting to do. Life cycles of animals and plants can and will vary so this is why we do so many. The kids really like them and I love that they’re easy to print out for some hands-on learning fun.

Penguin Life Cycle for Kids

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Penguin Life Cycle for Kids

We’re pretty much obsessed with penguins in our house. The kids love them, and I’ll admit that I do, too. They’re just the cutest in their little tuxedos and the way that they waddle around. And when you see them sliding across the ice on their bellies? Literally the best!

Since it’s winter, it just made sense to take a bit of time to learn about the life of penguins. Every time that we start a new life cycle activity, I remind the kids that this is a great way to really dive into a certain topic and uncover some really cool facts along the way as well.

Some of the best learning can be done at home by letting the kids take the reigns and do a bit of research as well. Using books and resources online can introduce them to so many fun facts about penguins.

They can even make a top 10 list of some of their favorite wacky facts!

Make sure to check out my fun life cycle worksheets for kids for even more life cycle learning fun.

Fun Penguin Facts

The kids will have a blast reading some of these fun facts about penguins. Some you may know, but some are probably going to be new to you as well!

  • The life of penguins can vary from 15-20 years!
  • The size of penguins can go from big to small. Some penguins can even weigh up to 80 pounds!
  • Penguins don’t actually have wings. Their “wings” are called flippers.
  • Penguins are really good at swimming! Their flippers can help them swim super fast.
  • The bellies of penguins are white to help them blend in when they’re in the water. Any predators that might be swimming underneath won’t notice them when they are glancing up.
  • Penguins go “number 2” every 20 minutes!
  • Penguin babies are also known as chicks.
  • There are no teeth at all in the mouth of a penguin.
  • Penguins are super smart and can actually be trained as well.

Who knew that there were so many facts about penguins! They’re really interesting animals that are smart! The next time that I see a penguin at the zoo it’ll be fun to think about these facts.

Don’t want to make your own sensory bin? Grab one of these ready-to-go penguin sensory bins from Etsy.

Recommended Penguin Books for Kids

Check out these super fun books for kids about penguins! I love that some are factual and some are just cute and adorable stories. The graphics and drawings of books are always something that wins me over as well and I have to say that these are some great ones.

You can easily mix and match these books with any other winter books that you have. This keeps the books fresh and new and will keep the kids reaching for them to read as well.

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of reading and I’d much rather the kids pick up a book or two than spend their time in front of screens. There is just so much great information and so many benefits that come from kids reading.

If You Were a PenguinIf You Were a PenguinAll About Penguins: Discover Life on Land and in the SeaAll About Penguins: Discover Life on Land and in the SeaPeanut the PenguinPeanut the PenguinHow Do Penguins Play?How Do Penguins Play?Mr. Popper's PenguinsMr. Popper’s PenguinsThe Emperor's Egg: Read and WonderThe Emperor’s Egg: Read and Wonder


Once you’re ready to start working on this life cycle activity, it’s as easy as printing it out and getting started.

It’s a simple and easy-to-use format that will give the kids the chance to add the pictures in the correct order while also adding the correct word underneath.

penguin life cycle

We always start with the pictures first so that the kids will see that visually and then pair them up with the right words after.

I also think it’s important to let the kids cut out the pictures and the words to work on their fine motor skills. Anything that you can do to give them confidence in their abilities is always a good idea.

life cycle of penguins

Some kids are visual learners so this is why I like this activity. Matching the pictures and the words is great for helping with retention skills.

We also talk about other animals that have the same words in their life cycles as well. This helps associate more learning and opens up great conversations.

printable life cycle penguin

If you have the chance to go see penguins somewhere close or even watch a documentary on TV, do so! This is a fun way to wrap up the learning lesson with even more visuals for the kids!

All you need to do is print out the penguin life cycle to get started! I’ve made it as easy as possible to have the kids be able to work on this right away!

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Don’t miss out on these other fun penguin activities! The more that you can combine and do, the better!

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Easy Penguin Sensory Bin

This sensory bin is great for little hands to dig in and feel! Early learners will have a blast! Simple to put together!

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Here’s a treat for your little penguin lover! Try this super easy craft with your kids and I’m sure they will be super excited to learn about these adorable animals!

Penguin Books for Kids

Here are some more great books! You truly can never have too many options to choose from! Grab a few from the list and add them to your home library.

Penguin Books for Preschoolers

Read these Penguin Books for Preschoolers and let them enjoy while reading fun stories about cute penguins.

Water Bottle Penguin Craft by Homeshool Preschool

This fun craft is great for doing at home! The kids will love being able to be a part of making this cute and adorable penguin activity.

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