Printable Canada Bingo Game

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Bingo is one of the first games I remember playing as an older child. We played in school, at a friends house or as part of the family game night. We had the typical number bingos, which was fun but today we have stepped up the Bingo game with this fun Canada Day Bingo Game.

This printable set is helpful for helping children with skills such as sorting, identifying, as well as of course introducing different elements of Canada Day and Canada’s rich history.

This is a perfect activity to share with friends and family during a barbeque on Canada Day or as part of a homeschool lesson for your own kids. We’ve included various elements of Canada and it’s history as part of the game.

This makes learning about Canada simple and easy to understand. This is an excellent activity for young kids as well as teenagers, Bingo is just a fun game!

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Printable Canada Bingo Game

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Printable Canada Bingo Game

The best part about playing Bingo is that it just gives you time to slow down. Everyone loves the idea of playing a family game together!

If you’re looking for a fun new family game that everyone can jump in and do, why not start with this printable and see how it goes. You’re going to love having this printable as a great way to bond and play with the kids.

How To Use Printable

This printable set is SUPER easy to use. The first step is to print out the set.
One option is to laminate each page. This is helpful if you plan to use the game over and over. With lamination, there will be no need to reprint in the future.

If you only plan on using this activity one time, lamination would not be necessary.

The next thing we did is point out each individual set of objects, one of each, and talk about what it is. If my children didn’t know what it was or the meaning behind it, I would explain. We talked about the importance of each object to Canada and why it was included in this activity.

Next, I ask my children to find objects to use as a marker for the game. We sometimes use traditional bingo dobbers or bingo chips but have also used such things as coins.

I call the objects and if my children have them on their cards, they put a marker on it. Whoever gets a line complete first, wins.

Each page has a different set of objects, so each page is different from one another.

canada bingo game

Recommended Canada Books for Kids

Are you looking for great books? These Canada Books are so much fun to read! The kids will have blast turning page after page of these super fun choices. There are so many fun facts about Canada that you don’t want them to miss out on! All you have to do is check out the list of books below to get started.

You’ll find that these books are great for learning all about Canada and also finding out some really great stories about Canada, too.

If you were to see our house, you’ll find stacks of books just sitting around. This is because we love to read and I love finding ways for the kids to be in charge of their days, too. Instead of them picking up a tablet or a screen, they can easily pick up a book and use their minds, too.

And while these are great books to have on your list, don’t stop here! There are always more books and new ideas to talk about as well.

The Kids Book of Aboriginal Peoples in CanadaThe Kids Book of Aboriginal Peoples in CanadaThe Kids Book of CanadaThe Kids Book of CanadaThe Busy Beaver (Life in the Wild)The Busy Beaver (Life in the Wild)Carson Crosses CanadaCarson Crosses CanadaA Canadian Year: Twelve Months in the Life of Canada's Kids (A Kids' Year)A Canadian Year: Twelve Months in the Life of Canada’s Kids (A Kids’ Year)The Kids Book of Canadian HistoryThe Kids Book of Canadian History


Fun Ways to Enjoy This Printable

This Canada Bingo Game is a perfect addition to a family BBQ or a homeschool lesson. It is a fun way to help encourage understanding of Canada Day and this country’s rich history.

We’ve played this at home, on the road, or even as a fun way to break up the day and bring in some new ideas. I’ve actually been using this for years and the kids always love when I print it out and we sit down to play.

Fun Bingo Prizes

Don’t forget to sprinkle in some Bingo prizes. The kids love when I shake things up a bit and have some fun prizes as well. I don’t think it’s important to make it about competition but having some fun little prizes can add to the excitement.

Some simple Bingo prizes could be pennies and quarters, a snack or treat, or an extra few minutes of screen time, too. It can also be as simple as the person who wins gets to pick out the next movie during movie night as well.

Little prizes like that can go a long way in making the activities that much more engaging and fun! You can also ask the kids what they think would be good prizes too so that they’re ready and excited to jump in and play. Use their ideas as fun things to incorporate so that they’re ready to play! Everyone can be a part of making this Bingo game a super fun activity for the family.

To extend this activity, add it to your favorite Canadian history books or better yet, try the new Canadian Time Capsule for a fun and hands-0n way to learn Canadian history.

You can even dive deeper to learn more about the history of Canada. The great thing about this is that you can then branch off and start learning on different topics easily. All you need is a good launching point to make that happen.

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