Printable Canada I Spy Game

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Canada Day is one of my favorite holidays. Mostly because it’s so much fun to be outside in the summer, barbecuing with family and friends, enjoying delicious food and company but also because of the rich historical meaning.

This is a holiday that I ensure I teach my kids exactly what it means and why we celebrate it annually. We dive into the historical facts but I also like to make this learning process exciting.

I created this Canada Day I Spy printable for my kids. We talked about the meaning of each of the objects and then played I Spy. It was fun to listen to my kids squealing when they found a new image.

I Spy games are excellent for identifying different objects, practicing counting, sorting, and more. Plus it is just plain fun.

This Canada Day I Spy is a perfect addition to a homeschool lesson, a summer activity or to take on a road trip.

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Printable Canada I spy game

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Printable Canada I Spy Game

The kids LOVE this fun game. It’s a fun way to interact and just have a ton of fun. This printable is one that we use all the time in our house and it’s a simple way to get the kids active and playing together as well. 

If you’re looking for a fun Canada game that is so much fun to do, you’re going to really be impressed with this printable. We never get tired of it and we’ve done it a lot. The kids still ask for this game after all these years. 

How To Use I Spy Games

This printable set is SUPER easy to use. The first step is to print out the set.
One option is to laminate each page. This is helpful if you plan to use the game over and over. With lamination, there will be no need to reprint in the future.

If you only plan on using this activity one time, lamination would not be necessary.

The next thing we did is point out each individual set of objects, one of each, and talk about what it is. If my children didn’t know what it was or the meaning behind it, I would explain. We talked about the importance of each object to Canada and why it was included in this activity.

Next, I gave my kids a dry erase marker because we laminated ours. If you aren’t laminating, any writing utensil is sufficient.

I asked my kids to find an object and find each of its matches. At the same time, I asked them to count each one. When they found all of the same images, they wrote the number in the box at the bottom of the page. Then we moved onto the next one.

Each page has a different set of objects, so each page is different from one another.

Canada I spy game

Recommended Canada Books for Kids

Don’t forget to pair up the books! I feel like I say this all the time but there is a reason for this! Books and kids go hand in hand and are perfect for getting them to read and to enjoy. 

I love pairing up books that are about the same thing that we’re learning about and reading. The more that we can pair them up, the more fun that we’re all going to have. Some of these books are geared towards younger kids while others are full of facts and information. The kids are always asking me for more learning books so I think that whatever I’m doing is working. 

I find that ordering my own books online and having them around the house works great for reading resources. The kids can easily pick up a book anytime that they want so that they can sit down and turn those pages. 

I also do a lot of research at the local library in finding great books as well. The shelves are lined with inspiration on fun book titles for the kids. 

Some of these books are great to read together as a family, too. The more that you can sit and read together, the better! Reading is such a fun activity that everyone can easily join in on. The kids will love looking at the pages in these books and learning as well. They really can’t go wrong with any of these great books for kids. 

Pick out a few, cycle them through, and then try a few more! This is kind of what I do every month and it works great with the kids. The more that they can do this, the more information and words that they’re going to see. This is a great way for them to enhance their vocabulary as well and get more out of the pages. 

The Kids Book of Aboriginal Peoples in CanadaThe Kids Book of Aboriginal Peoples in CanadaThe Kids Book of CanadaThe Kids Book of CanadaThe Busy Beaver (Life in the Wild)The Busy Beaver (Life in the Wild)Carson Crosses CanadaCarson Crosses CanadaA Canadian Year: Twelve Months in the Life of Canada's Kids (A Kids' Year)A Canadian Year: Twelve Months in the Life of Canada’s Kids (A Kids’ Year)The Kids Book of Canadian HistoryThe Kids Book of Canadian History


This Canada I Spy is perfect for Canada Day or during any Canada history lesson. This is a fun way to incorporate many different parts of Canada and it’s rich history.

To extend this activity, delve further into Canadian history with this fun Canadian Time Capsule, a hands-on fun way to learn about important Canadian events in history.

The Canadian Homeschooler Learning Centre

There are so many fun ways that you can learn with the kids, too. Sit down with them while they’re doing these activities and be a part of them! They’ll be so happy that you’re wanting to be a part of it that it will help to extend their excitement, too. And who knows – you just might learn a lot of information doing this as well! 

Make certain to check out some other fun Canadian printables and activities that I have as well. All of these would work great together for fun learning activities! 

No more boring Canadian history.

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