Preschool Space Printables

The kids are going to have so much fun with these Preschool Space Printables! Not only are they going to teach them more about space but they’re super great for learning as well!

When it comes to learning about space, the planets, and everything the galaxy has to offer, preschool space printables are a great way to add some fun into their learning. Make certain to check out our Space activities for kids as well for even more learning fun.

Having fun printables to go along with their learning activities can let them get creative, help them remember what they are learning, and make it more interesting. Talking about astronauts and aliens are always exciting for preschoolers which makes the learning even more fun!

These preschool space printables will be a great addition to what you are teaching. From printable activity worksheets to fun coloring pages that you can print at home, these preschool space printables are perfect for your little learner.

Preschool Space Printables

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Preschool Space Printables

These printables are great for kids. I love being able to focus on a topic and then have an abundance of resources for them to dive deeper and learn more. The best part is that all of these printables are unique and fun in their own way.

I’m also pretty obsessed with the fact that each of these printables gives them a chance to explore their thoughts and crave more information at the same time.

Recommended Space Books

Don’t forget to pair these space printables with some great learning books, too. The fact that your child’s minds are still developing is so much reason to give them more information.

I’m always amazed by the amount of information that my kids crave. And who I am to stop giving them those resources? Since we’re focusing on all things space, these are some great books that you can easily add to their learning style.

The best thing that I’ve ever done in our house is to have books in every room. The kids don’t have to travel far to get a good book and this means that when they’re sitting there and needing something to do, they can just reach over and grab a book and start reading. Before you know it, they’ll be lost in the words on the page.

I also keep books in our car for this very reason, too. We live in a world so fast-paced that slowing down and reading a book is one of the best things that we can possibly teach our kids to do.

Recommended Space Books

Your kids will learn about the solar system and beyond with these awesome space books for kids! Grab one for your space lover now.

National Geographic Kids Everything Space: Blast Off for a Universe of Photos, Facts, and Fun!National Geographic Kids Everything Space: Blast Off for a Universe of Photos, Facts, and Fun!Super Cool Space Facts: A Fun, Fact-filled Space Book for KidsSuper Cool Space Facts: A Fun, Fact-filled Space Book for KidsNational Geographic Little Kids First Big Book of Space (National Geographic Little Kids First Big Books)National Geographic Little Kids First Big Book of Space (National Geographic Little Kids First Big Books)The Magic School Bus Lost in the Solar SystemThe Magic School Bus Lost in the Solar SystemThere Was a Black Hole that Swallowed the Universe: A Funny Rhyming Space Book from the #1 Science Author for KidsThere Was a Black Hole that Swallowed the Universe: A Funny Rhyming Space Book from the #1 Science Author for KidsThere's No Place Like Space: All About Our Solar System (Cat in the Hat's Learning Library)There’s No Place Like Space: All About Our Solar System (Cat in the Hat’s Learning Library)


Here are some great preschool space printables that will have them loving to learn all about space. From coloring pages to games, you can’t go wrong with any of them. I recommend printing them off and then using them each and every day. You can create a whole learning lesson all about space!

Space Counting Mats

Count up to 10 with these cool counting mats.

Space Matching Game by The Artisan Life

Preschool students will enjoy playing this fun outer space matching game. These printables will also grow with them and can be used as a more challenging matching game when they master it.

Space Bingo by The Artisan Life

Fun for the whole family to play, this space bingo game will have kids of all ages having fun.

Space Rocket Mini Eraser Preschool Math Kit by Life Over C’s

With 12 pages of fun rocket match activities, your preschooler will have a blast learning numbers by tracing and counting.

Space Letter Writing Mats by ABCs of Literacy

Kids will love learning how to write with these printable space letter writing mats.

Space Preschool Pack by Itsy Bitsy Fun

With lots of fun activities for the kids to do, this space preschool pack is a must-have when learning about space or the planets.

I Spy Alien Printable by This Tiny Blue House

A fun boredom buster for your preschooler, this printable will have children trying to find and count the different aliens. They can even color them!

Solar System Printable Pack by Fun with Mama

Kids will love learning about the planets with the various cutting activities, games, and more that are included in this printable pack.

Space Do A Dot Printable by 123 Homeschool 4 Me

Using markers, this printable will have children working on practicing their hand-eye coordination and more.

Free Printable Constellation Wheel by Preschool Play and Learn

Perfect for introducing your preschooler to start learning the solar system, this printable activity will be a fun learning game.

Recommended Space Activity Kits

Little Learners Print & Go Activity Kit: Space

Do you have a space lover? You’ll love these other space vocabulary cards, writing worksheets, interactive notebook pieces, and more in the Little Learners Print & Go Activity Kit: Space.

Space Science Craft Kit

Learn about space in a creative way with these fun crafts!

Solar System Worksheets

With these worksheets children will be practicing their cutting skills, sorting letters, and more.

Space Coloring Pages by In the Playroom

These fun space coloring pages will have your preschooler coloring planets and more.

Solar System Coloring Pages by 123 Homeschool 4 Me

As they are learning about the solar system, these coloring pages will make learning more fun and creative.

Rocket Counting Worksheets by Two Kids and a Coupon

Kids will love practicing their number skills with these cute rocket counting worksheets.

Solar System Bingo by Artsy Fartsy Mama

Preschoolers can learn about the galaxy while they play a fun game of bingo with friends and family.

Outer Space Cutting Printables by Sugar Spice and Glitter

Practice cutting while learning about the planets and the solar system with this fun printable activity pack.

Get the Space Worksheets!

For fun and engaging space activities that include:

✔️ Vocabulary cards

✔️ Writing worksheets

✔️ Rocket labeling pages

✔️ and more!

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    As you can see, these learning activities are geared towards preschoolers and are the perfect way to get them excited to learn more about space.

    Extend the lessons by having them talk to you about what they’ve learned as well so that you’re ready and excited to move on to even more space learning lessons.

    If you love these space activities for kids, we have other things that you might like as well! If they’re interested in learning all about space, give them the tools to succeed. The more that they can learn, the better! This is such a great topic to spend time on and it can easily lead to other fun learning activities for the kids as well.

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