Prehistoric Sea Creatures Sensory Bin

When you have a child who loves dinosaurs and prehistoric creatures then you create a prehistoric sea creature sensory bin that is a big hit with your animal lover. Take a look at the sea creatures from Safari Ltd. You can find rare species that are found during those prehistoric times. My son has moved beyond T-rexes and stegosauruses and he’s happy to find animals that existed during those times. These can be very hard to find. Dinosaur lovers will love this prehistoric sea creature sensory bin with toys from Safari Ltd, a huge hit with my own kids. My son received the tylosaurus, mosasaurus, dunkleosteus, coelacanth, and postosuchus, these animals are from the Wild Safari Prehistoric World. Although the postosuchus is not a sea creature. My son likes to have him visit the lake or ocean for a drink of water and then he gets ambushed by the sea creatures. Safari ltd toys from the Wild Safari Prehistoric World collection We used water beads in our sensory bin. I had a bag of mixed colored water beads, at first I tried to have the kids pick out only the blue, green and white beads but they were so small that the task was too difficult. The beads are quite small and I had trouble distinguishing color so we gave up. Fun prehistoric sea creatures sensory bin My daughter appreciated the pinks and purples and we ended up using all of the colors. They have a wonderful texture to play with so my son added his prehistoric sea creatures to the bin and had a great time. The beads fit into some of their mouths so they could be a food source too. prehistoric sea animals sensory bin The kids enjoyed the texture of the water beads, there’s a fun squishy nature to them. My son discovered that he likes popping them and that it didn’t take too much pressure to do so. dinosaur loves will love this prehistoric sensory bin My daughter enjoyed piling the water beads on top of the toys. She tried to fit as many water beads into their mouths as possible because they were very hungry. It was a gorgeous day outside so we did this activity outside. If we were indoors, I think our puppy would have wanted a taste so we left it out of reach from her. You can follow Safari Ltd on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube.

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