Owl Life Cycle Worksheet

Do you have kids in school? This free owl life cycle worksheet can help your child learn more about these amazing creatures.

The worksheet is a great way to help your child learn more about the different stages of an owl’s life, from hatching to adulthood. It’s also a fun and educational activity that they can do to get to know their life cycle.

See more life cycle worksheets for kids for more fun animal and insect activities.

Keep reading to get the free life cycle of an owl worksheet at the bottom!

owl life cycle worksheet

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What are the stages of the life cycle of an owl?

The female owl lays a clutch of eggs and can lay anywhere from one to 13 eggs depending on the owl species. Most owls will lay two to five eggs.

The eggs hatch after about 35 days, and baby owl is called an owlet. Once the owl is six to eight weeks old, they begin to leave their nest but they still cannot fly, they’re known as fledgings. The period where they leave the next until they can fly.

In another three weeks, the owls learn to fly and will grow into an adult.

owl life cycle worksheet

Do you want your kids want to learn more about owls? These books can do that for you! They’ll get the information they need and they will enjoy reading engaging stories with fun characters at the same time.

So You Want to Be an OwlSo You Want to Be an OwlExploring the World of OwlsExploring the World of OwlsOliver the Curious OwlOliver the Curious OwlOwling: Enter the World of the Mysterious Birds of the NightOwling: Enter the World of the Mysterious Birds of the NightLittle Owl's NightLittle Owl’s NightThe Not So Sleepy OwlThe Not So Sleepy Owl


owl life cycle worksheet

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You can print out the pictures and labels onto index cards and mix them up and have your child match them together or write out what they learned about each stage on the cards.

life cycle of an owl worksheet filled in with writing

If you want more activities that have to do with owls, these craft kits from Etsy are an awesome way to get kids busy and learning at the same time.

The first one is an owl stuffie maker kit that’s best for your child’s first sewing experience. The other one is a lovely owl craft kit where kids can make their own owl craft using wooden owl shapes and decoupage papers.

Add this Owl Facts Lapbook to your lesson plans for more hootin’ fun.

owl stuffie maker sewing kit
wooden owl craft kit
owl life cycle worksheet

The owl life cycle worksheets come with a cut and paste version for young kids who are not writing as well yet. And one that your child can label and write in the labels themselves for older kids.

To extend this activity, go on a nature walk and see if you can spot any owls. The best time to spot them is at dawn or dusk since most owls are nocturnal. Add in your favorite owl books, and visit a bird sanctuary to see if they have any owls.

We were able to see a birds of prey nature show at our camp grounds in the summer which was an amazing experience for the kids. They brought out different birds of prey for the kids to see up close which was neat.

adult owl perched on a person hand

Owls are harder to spot than other birds, but you can also install bird feeders in your backyard to see if you can attract other birds to your yard in the summer.

Download the owl life cycle worksheets below

Print out the life cycle of an owl worksheets to teach your child how an owl grows from an egg to an adult.

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